Denis MacShane

Cleaning up parliament

Tal Michael  |  4 June 2013

This week’s spate of scandals have re-energised public interest in proposals to clean up parliament. All three main parties included remarkably similar proposals in their manifestos, yet little progress has been made under the current government. In his excellent book Five Days in May, Andrew Adonis sets out the failure of the Liberal Democrats to …

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The union question

Denis MacShane MP  |  1 October 2012

The new TUC general-secretary needs to make unions truly relevant once again By Denis MacShane —The trade union question is now haunting the left across the world. Anti-union attack dogs are on the rise everywhere. Conservative MPs seek every opportunity to bash and trash unions. Their main objective is to force a renunciation of the …

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The 10 myths of Europe

Denis MacShane MP  |  13 August 2012

As Olympic gold fever dies down, normal political life will be resumed. One of the big debates in the next period will be whether Britain should adopt the prejudices of the Daily Mail, Sun and Daily Telegraph and move to the exit door of the EU. David Cameron’s repatriation and referendum politics is certainly seen …

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Learn from Team GB to change Britain

Denis MacShane MP  |  6 August 2012

Soon this glorious summer of medals will turn into a winter of three discontents – no growth except in poverty, cuts in public services that will bite, and poisonous politics as Tories and Lib Dems bicker while Boris plans Dave’s ousting. There is Team GB everywhere except where we it need most – in the …

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Elysée palace coup

Denis MacShane MP  |  25 July 2012

Ed Miliband’s visit to Paris is a remarkable coup after just two years as leader. Neil Kinnock was humiliated by Ronald Reagan’s White House in a poorly organised effort to up his international profile. John Smith astonished European socialist leaders when he abruptly left a conference where he was due to be a star speaker …

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A referendum will solve nothing

Denis MacShane MP  |  27 June 2012

Margaret Thatcher once called referendums ‘a device of dictators and demagogues.’ She was quoting Clement Attlee as his mid-century generation had seen or remembered how Hitler and Napoleon III used plebiscites to get popular endorsement for their decisions. None of those calling for a referendum today are dictators – on the contrary, they see themselves …

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Déjà vu all over again

Adam Jogee  |  20 June 2012

The big question in the chamber today was: where is the deputy prime minister? We know that Cameron is busy having arguments over the Falklands with President Fernandez de Kirchner on the sidelines of the G20 but when he is away, we’re meant to welcome Mr Nick Clegg to the dispatch box. Yet Mr Clegg, …

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Greeks can do more to help themselves

Denis MacShane MP  |  23 May 2012

Those worrying over what to do about Greece might look at why they spend so much on arms contracts and are still committed to buying billions of military metal from France, Germany and the US. Nato could give a solemn guarantee of protection to Greece against any attempt by neighbour (ie Turkey) to promote aggression …

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Now for Hollande’s real challenge

Denis MacShane MP  |  8 May 2012

Bienvenue et bonne chance à Francois Hollande. Like Aesop’s tortoise he watched for three decades as the smarter, smoother, more eloquent hares of French politics raced past him. But now he has become the most politician with the most power in the west as the president of France exercises more authority than a US president …

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When will democracy pay for democracy?

Denis MacShane MP  |  30 March 2012

One of the most curious aspects of the cash-for-access scandal if that no one has made the case for a major reform of political funding so that the scandals that keep on erupting can finally be killed off. Instead there has been a ritualised round of mutual accusations which once again utterly alienates most voters. …

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