Douglas Alexander

Rising to the occasion

Stephen Twigg MP  |  23 March 2011

Last Friday Ed Miliband was the guest of honour at a 500-strong Labour party dinner in Liverpool. He received a warm and enthusiastic response from the party faithful. It was one of four speeches I have heard Ed deliver in the space of seven days.

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Speaking to fears and worries as well as hopes and dreams

Brian Duggan  |  21 March 2011

Brian Duggan explains ‘Why social democrats need to understand anxiety as well as aspiration' following the Progress political weekend.

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Win, lose or draw for Labour

Jonathan Todd  |  17 March 2011

In two separate sessions at the Progress political weekend Douglas Alexander and Jim Murphy both said that Labour needs a draw on the deficit and a win on growth. Spooky. It was almost like they were singing from the same hymn sheet.

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The Progress Promise

Mark Rusling  |  17 March 2011

Ronald Reagan and Ed Miliband may have little in common, although history is silent on Reagan's Rubik's Cube prowess. However, in their different ways, both hit on the simple idea that will revive Labour. That idea was at the heart of the not-so-secret discussions at last weekend's Progress political school.

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The challenges of the next 12 months

Douglas Alexander MP  |  15 March 2011

Where do we want to be at the coalition's midterm? Douglas Alexander seeks to answer this question in his speech to the Progress Political Weekend, 13 March 2011, Stoke Rochford Hall, Lincolnshire

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Social democracy in crisis

Will Straw  |  8 March 2011

Across the pond, the Obama programme may not be delivering what look at first like social democratic goals. But the American centre-left is quite different to its European cousin.

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International social democracy

Douglas Alexander MP  |  8 March 2011

Read now Douglas Alexander's speech to last week's Progress event: Is there a crisis in international social democracy?

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A crisis in social democracy?

  |  1 March 2011

Read Douglas Alexander's keynote speech from this week's event Is there a crisis in international democracy? and read David Coats's review of the event.

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Moral aims, not just effective government

Alison McGovern MP  |  4 January 2011

The Tories may be seeking to change the way government works through their 'Nudge' approach to government. But change for what end? What is being worked towards is a question Labour also needs to answer.

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Work in progress

Alex Smith  |  9 June 2010

Labour's ‘word of mouth' strategy encouraged activists to organise online in order to mobilise offline, though it was 'not the internet election'

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