The priorities are all wrong

Alison McGovern MP  |  23 November 2017

Alison McGovern lays out five tests the budget should have met November’s budget was an attempt for politics to trump economics and did little for our country, or its people. If you work in the public sector and were expecting a pay rise, sorry. If improved childcare would mean you could go back to work …

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Brexit on the ballot

Stephen Beer  |  19 April 2017

Delivering a Brexit that is socially justice must be at the heart of Labour’s general election campaign, writes Stephen Beer Facing this election, once again Labour faces the challenge of explaining clearly what it will do to promote a better economy. This subject cannot be avoided. Credibility is key. Yet this time it is linked, …

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The bumper sticker president

Elaine C Kamarck  |  5 December 2016

What does a Trump victory mean for progressive politics in the US, asks Elaine C Kamarck The extraordinary 2016 presidential campaign was one of the ugliest and most divisive in recent US history. But it is not the only reason this election will be remembered for a long time. The winner, president-elect Donald Trump, is the …

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Tackling urban deprivation

Alex Ganotis  |  20 October 2016

In many ways Stockport it is a microcosm of the United Kingdom as a whole, a place with widely varied employment, skills, transport and housing opportunities and outcomes. Our borough consistently ranks as one of the top five unequal places in the country, with areas the department for communities and local government assesses as falling both …

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Corbynomics redux?

Roger Liddle  |  5 October 2016

One of the (few) positives of the leadership election and the Liverpool conference is that they forced Jeremy Corbyn to make speeches about policy. Up to then Corbyn had behaved like an Old Testament prophet who rails against austerity, inequality and social injustice. This appeal never loses its emotional power, but what is extraordinary about …

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What’s the red line: immigration or the single market?

Adam Harrison  |  3 October 2016

To ask what Britain’s ‘national interest’ is has an old-fashioned ring to it. But in the new Brexit era, when we are supposed to be sailing the ocean blue, it is perhaps fitting; perhaps even something Brexiteers would cheer. The ‘debate’ in the lead-up to the 23 June referendum hardly rose to the level of …

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Building the new economy

Christopher Richards  |  26 September 2016

The United Kingdom manufacturing sector has been motoring ahead in recent years, climbing from 11th in 2012 to ninth in 2014 in the global rankings. The sector is on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution, ushering in new technologies and techniques that will change the products, processes and relationships involved in manufacturing. While the sector has hit …

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Finding a balance between control and opportunity

Joe Carberry  |  20 September 2016

Our new partnership with Europe will define this parliament and the balance between single market membership and free movement is pivotal. Some believe we can ignore public opinion on immigration. This is self-defeating when so much concern is concentrated in Labour areas. Others have said free movement must end entirely with single market membership sacrificed as …

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Not so fantastic, Dr Fox

Mike Katz  |  15 September 2016

Well, it is good to get your excuses in first. Otherwise, what how else could explain what possessed Brexit ultra Liam Fox, that darling of the Thatcherites to alienate the business people he has spent so many years extolling? Fox sparked anger and disbelief at the weekend by claiming that British businesses were too ‘lazy and …

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The Alternative: Towards a New Progressive Politics

Maya Goodfellow and Patrick Diamond  |  26 August 2016

The Alternative: Towards a New Progressive Politics Patrick Diamond and Maya Goodfellow each enjoy a new collection of essays from across the left – but questions around economic competence and the meaning of ‘progressive’ remain   The Alternative: Towards a New Progressive Politics Lisa Nandy MP, Caroline Lucas MP and Chris Bowers (Eds) BiteBack Publishing | £12.99 | …

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