Beacon of hope

David Lammy MP  |  4 November 2009

While sustaining the momentum of change has not been easy, Obama continues to be a beacon of hope to progressives across the world

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Remutualise the Rock

Michael Stephenson  |  3 November 2009

A remutualised Northern Rock would be a shining example of the difference between Labour and the Tories

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Back to reality

Will Straw  |  3 November 2009

Although Obama may not be the Messiah figure for which many had hoped, he is making steady, secular progress

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Crisis and opportunity

Robin Murray  |  1 November 2009

Fixing the financial crisis requires a new economic approach, says Robin Murray

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Playing safe

Chris Arnold  |  26 October 2009

Government needs to give more opportunities to small creative industries, suggests Chris Arnold

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Institutional reform

Stephen Beer  |  21 October 2009

Getting banking reform right is a moral issue - Labour must seize this opportunity to act

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Progress’ autumn lecture series

Liam Byrne MP  |  21 October 2009

'No Place Left Behind - How we use new growth to fight poverty?'

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New Labour, what now?

Lucy Gill  |  7 October 2009

Despite the failures of the Third Way Labour must resist the temptation to revert to the unreconstructed left

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Values added

Sally Keeble  |  5 October 2009

Labour’s aim to help the neediest out of the recession will not be taken seriously without moves to curb City excesses

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First insurgent

Jessica Asato and Ed Thornton  |  1 October 2009

To win back its voters, Labour needs open debate, strong ideas and maximum unity, Peter Mandelson tells Jessica Asato and Ed Thornton

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