Ed Balls

Hilik Bar

UK and Israeli Labour: strengthening ties

Hilik Bar  |  11 April 2014

The British and Israeli Labour parties are sister parties and founding members of the Socialist International. The parties share core values in their commitment to social democracy. The time has come to rejuvenate the historic links between the parties for the sake of social democracy in both countries and for the cause of peace in …

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New Lanark was an early cooperative success

Defend the link

The Progressive  |  10 April 2014

The Tories, banks and Daily Mail want the cooperative movement to founder because they fear its power Robert Owen would be bitterly disappointed, but certainly not surprised, at the current travails of the Co-operative Bank. He was used to seeing his grand vision of human cooperation turn to dust. In 1824, flushed with the success …

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Patrick Diamond Progress political weekend 2014

Of hawkishness and hope – winning in 2015

Patrick Diamond  |  18 March 2014

How does Labour win in 2015 on policy? The first step is clearly securing credibility on the economy. Labour has to be hawkish on the deficit, not only in theory but in practice. History demonstrates that successful political parties are willing to identify their achilles heel and tackle it head on, however painful. For Labour …

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Credibility deficit

Jonathan Todd  |  14 March 2014

Ed Balls has chosen to take a different approach to spending to that adopted by Labour prior to 1997. He is right to do so, says Jonathan Todd From the bully pulpit of the Treasury, George Osborne is convinced that he can have the deficit dominate the next parliament as it has dominated this – …

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Ed Balls

‘I’m not going to let them off the hook’

Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison  |  18 February 2014

As he prepares to respond to next month’s budget, Ed Balls is in a fighting mood, find Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison Shortly after Christmas Ed Balls gave an interview with the New Statesman which held out the prospect of a period of détente between the shadow chancellor and Nick Clegg. He described a ‘very …

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Insider cartoon Progress February 2014

Hunt finds the sweet spot

The Insider  |  4 February 2014

Being a shadow minister can be a miserable job. First, you have to make a splash, or people will call you lazy. The best way to make a splash is to announce exciting new things, preferably while wearing a fetching hi-visibility hardhat on a building site, or after visiting some charming preschoolers in one of …

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Ed Miliband PMQs 29 January 2014

Battlelines drawn

Sally Gimson  |  29 January 2014

The battlelines for the next election were more clearly drawn today than they have ever been. Labour’s key point is that, even if there is a recovery, only the rich will really benefit and most of Britain won’t feel it. This is why Ed Miliband asked again and again whether the Tories were going to …

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Vote Labour poster

A year of two halves

David Talbot  |  10 January 2014

December and, more importantly Christmas, are an extended sojourn where the only politics on offer are that of the family variety. The battles and spoils of the year past recede into an unusual outburst of bonhomie. That and it is always worth seeing Ed Balls dressed as Santa. The serene landscape allows a nuanced look …

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Santa with boy by vastateparksstaff

Christmas gifts

Matt Forde  |  18 December 2013

The festive delights of the CLP fundraiser Christmas means one thing in politics: dinners. Lots and lots of dinners. The jewel in the crown of this season is the constituency fundraiser. It’s traditional at Christmas that gifts come in threes, so here are the three treats you should look out for at yours … Gold: …

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David Cameron PMQs 20 November 2013

A mud-wrestle of a PMQs

Sally Gimson  |  20 November 2013

Sometimes the problem with Twitter is that you call it too soon. Ex-Labour MP Tony McNulty got in trouble at today’s prime minister’s questions by tweeting halfway through, ‘Public desperate for PM in waiting who speaks for them – not leader of opposition indulging in partisan Westminster Village knockabout’. It was a tweet David Cameron’s …

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