Ed Balls

Never stop reforming

Richard Darlington  |  27 July 2010

Labour's leadership used to love a good fight at party conference. What better way to show a modern and forward-looking policy agenda than getting the ‘dinosaurs' to oppose it?

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Citizen action

Tom Brooks Pollock  |  21 July 2010

The success of groups like London Citizens comes at a time when people are shunning mainstream politics. How can community organising mesh with local politics?

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Primary instincts

Kezia Dugdale MSP  |  20 July 2010

Sheila Gilmore MP plans to go one step further than Bassetlaw in choosing the next Labour leader by creating a primary that includes online voting. Kezia Dugdale explains how it will work.

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Saffron Walden Labour innovators

Edna Forrest  |  19 July 2010

Saffron Walden Labour Party members carried out a survey in the Market Square, giving the general public an opportunity to air their views on whom we should chose as leader of our party.

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How to choose a leader?

Nic Dakin MP  |  18 June 2010

With David Miliband's reminder of the Callaghan, Shore, Benn, Healey and Crosland line-up, and speaking to both Eds on the phone, it fell to this new MP to make a decision on how to cast the nomination vote

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Education, education, education

Richard Darlington  |  17 June 2010

Andy Burnham's hustings foray into Ed Balls's territory of education may have surprised some, but his defence of the comprehensive ideal and practice comes at a time where education faces an onslaught from the coalition

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Labour must be a more vocal opposition

Murray Rowlands  |  9 June 2010

In education, wholescale academisation will harm many schools, and past experience of schools run by companies is worrying. Labour must speak out.

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