Ed Balls

The battle for economic credibility

Stephen Beer  |  31 July 2014

The United Kingdom economic recovery is underway. The first official estimate for the second quarter of this year shows gross domestic product rising by 0.8 per cent. That means that the economy is now larger than just before the financial crisis. Growth is occurring across the economy, not only in the predominant services sector but …

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Labour, economic efficiency and social justice

Andrew Lomas  |  4 July 2014

Who hasn’t done something we’ve come to regret after a few drinks? A late-night karaoke session; a forgettable romantic encounter; dropping £45,000 on a bottle of champagne signed by Margaret Thatcher … No? Well a reveller at this week’s exclusive Tory summer party had more than a hangover to contend with the morning after having …

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A tax system built to last

Melanie Ward  |  2 July 2014

Monday’s economic speech by Ed Balls contained many important themes and announcements: on work and skills; on industrial policy; and on an economic strategy which depends on an internationalist outlook – not least being an active member at the heart of the European Union. It also set out the basis on which business will be taxed …

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Campaign staples

Matt Forde  |  6 June 2014

Knowing the date has taken some of the fun out of the general election, but not all of it, says Matt Forde There’s less than a year to go until the general election. From now on, the entire focus is on 7 May 2015. Which is the first problem. We already know when it’s going …

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Pro-worker, pro-business: An agenda for inclusive capitalism

Jon Cruddas MP and Liam Byrne MP  |  5 June 2014

A rare moment of political consensus is building as voices from across the worlds of politics, finance, faith, business and trade unions begin to sound the same note, calling for economic growth that is more inclusive. What does this mean? Is it mere rhetoric? Empty words that leave us stuck with the status quo? We …

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Walking away from the EU would be wrong, but it must be reformed

Ed Balls MP  |  16 May 2014

In these European elections Labour is clear that walking away from our biggest market – the European Union – would be bad for our economy. We are much better placed to shape Europe’s future, fight for our national interest and back businesses and jobs if we are fully engaged rather than having one foot out …

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UK and Israeli Labour: strengthening ties

Hilik Bar  |  11 April 2014

The British and Israeli Labour parties are sister parties and founding members of the Socialist International. The parties share core values in their commitment to social democracy. The time has come to rejuvenate the historic links between the parties for the sake of social democracy in both countries and for the cause of peace in …

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Defend the link

The Progressive  |  10 April 2014

The Tories, banks and Daily Mail want the cooperative movement to founder because they fear its power Robert Owen would be bitterly disappointed, but certainly not surprised, at the current travails of the Co-operative Bank. He was used to seeing his grand vision of human cooperation turn to dust. In 1824, flushed with the success …

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Of hawkishness and hope – winning in 2015

Patrick Diamond  |  18 March 2014

How does Labour win in 2015 on policy? The first step is clearly securing credibility on the economy. Labour has to be hawkish on the deficit, not only in theory but in practice. History demonstrates that successful political parties are willing to identify their achilles heel and tackle it head on, however painful. For Labour …

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Credibility deficit

Jonathan Todd  |  14 March 2014

Ed Balls has chosen to take a different approach to spending to that adopted by Labour prior to 1997. He is right to do so, says Jonathan Todd From the bully pulpit of the Treasury, George Osborne is convinced that he can have the deficit dominate the next parliament as it has dominated this – …

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