Ed Miliband


Launch party

Paul Richards  |  21 September 2014

The pre-election conference season can herald victory or spell defeat for political parties. Paul Richards examines the lessons of history The party’s conferences have often been a case study in how to lose votes and alienate voters. Before Labour’s worst-ever defeat in 1983, Labour’s conferences had been horrible spectacles of recrimination and extremism. The party …

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Street of houses

Power to cities, streets and communities

Rachael Saunders  |  21 September 2014

Ed Miliband’s commitment to a wide-ranging dialogue about the constitutional future of our country is vital. The challenges that this country and others now face - climate change, widening economic inequality, our response to our ageing population – are so great that no sensible person thinks that Westminster can solve them alone. I often hear ‘London’ cited …

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Gordon Brown

Northern light?

Gordon Brown MP  |  2 September 2014

Beware the SNP’s false promise of social democracy, argues Gordon Brown Progressives looking to an independent Scotland as the standard-bearer in the global fight against inequality will be sorely disappointed upon a closer inspection of the facts. One of the propaganda devices of the Scottish National party has been to persuade left-of-centre opinion that breaking …

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Over and out?

John McTernan  |  2 September 2014

If Scotland votes ‘No’ this month, Labour must move quickly to define the victory, says John McTernan If, as all the polls have consistently predicted, the ‘No’ campaign triumphs in this month’s Scottish referendum, it will be a great victory for Labour. But then the real work begins. Normally after a victory – and particularly …

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Syrian Refugees

The price of inaction

Editorial  |  2 September 2014

In July, when asked how he would deal with Syria’s civil war if he becomes prime minister, Ed Miliband echoed his first speech as Labour leader and responded: ‘One of the ways the party has changed since I became leader is that war is now always a last resort.’ The notion that war might not …

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Federica Mogherini

Where will Europe go on defence?

Martin Edobor  |  2 September 2014

As tensions continue to rise over Russia’s continued incursion in eastern Ukraine, Federica Mogherini, European Union’s new foreign policy chief, has ruled out any form of military intervention from Europe. She used the first interview after her appointment to state that Europe going to war with Russia is not an option – only through a …

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Gaza sky

Why Labour is right on Israel

Ben Bradshaw MP  |  18 August 2014

In his article for the Progress website, Tal Ofer took Ed Miliband and Douglas Alexander to task for their reaction to the latest Israeli bombardment of and incursion into Gaza. Under the headline ‘The wrong stance on Gaza’, Tal criticised the Labour leadership for issuing ‘a number of statements’ that were ‘very disappointing’ and accused …

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Gaza sky

The wrong stance on Gaza

Tal Ofer  |  11 August 2014

On 17 June this year Ed Miliband was the keynote speaker at the Labour Friends of Israel annual lunch. He delivered a rousing speech, drawing on his recent visit to Israel. But he also spoke about the security challenges that Israel face and he mentioned his visit to Sderot, which has suffered terribly from Hamas …

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Beach huts

Is it worth campaigning in the summer?

Lewis Baston  |  1 August 2014

The ‘dog days’ or ‘silly season’ are nearly upon us. The prime minister has had his reshuffle, restoring the sensible pattern of John Major’s premiership that new ministers should be given the summer to read themselves into the new job and know what they are talking about by the time full-scale politics resumes, and that …

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Ed Miliband

The start of a summer of speeches

John McTernan  |  25 July 2014

It’s good to see Ed taking a leaf out of Margaret Thatcher’s book. Going on the intellectual offensive was how – in 1986 – the Tory party turned the tables on Neil Kinnock the first time and overhauled Labour’s poll lead. A barrage of big speeches with big ideas at the Tories’ 1986 conference revived …

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