Ed Miliband

David Cameron PMQs 17 December 2014

Christmas crackers

Sally Gimson  |  17 December 2014

It was the last prime minister’s questions of the year and there was no sign of festive cheer. David Cameron’s team had been using Christmas to think up cheap jibes. The best they could come up with is that it would be like ‘Silent Night’ for Labour members of parliament who would not be able …

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Street of houses

How to talk about immigration

Matthew Rhodes  |  15 December 2014

News today suggests that Labour members of parliament have been warned against talking about immigration while campaigning. For many this does not come as a huge surprise, as the Labour party has often struggled with how it should talk about immigration, or whether it should talk about it at all. In British Future’s recent report, …

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Our agenda will only succeed if business drives growth

Stuart Hudson  |  15 December 2014

There are not many things that the average Labour party member shares in common with the characters of Downton Abbey. But for most of us, one such trait may be a slight queasiness about the idea of making money. While an ageing dowager might roll her eyes at the flashiness of the nouveaux riches, we …

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Ed Miliband

Labour’s bold offer on the deficit question

Stephen Beer  |  11 December 2014

The next government will face immense challenges. The economy is still recovering from the financial crisis and resulting recession. Many people have seen their living standards fall for years and productivity is only recovering slowly. An ageing population, the threat of climate change, and the opportunities and threats arising from new technology will all be …

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The Insider December 2014. Naushabah Khan

A mayor for all reasons

The Insider  |  5 December 2014

With Boris Johnson heading back to Westminster and no obvious Tory candidates having his metropolitan appeal, the Labour candidacy for the London mayoralty is a great prize. Sadiq Khan has secured for himself a significant number of early advantages. The shadow minister for London has used this position to promote both his strengths as a …

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David Cameron PMQs

Rabid like the Daily Mail

Sally Gimson  |  19 November 2014

Ed Miliband showed the prime minister up as someone more interested in abuse than governing today. The Labour strategy was to go on the attack, defending the proposed mansion tax and condemning the bedroom tax. It was as if, for the first time in a while, Miliband smelled blood on the Tory benches. Not surprising considering the …

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Ed Miliband University of London

Hunger to win

John Woodcock MP  |  15 November 2014

Black humour can be a good way of getting over traumatic experiences, and there is no doubt that the leadership turmoil surrounding Ed Miliband has been deeply unsettling. In the spirit of moving on so we can regroup, some in Westminster are suggesting that the week of speculation over the leadership has been Labour’s equivalent …

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Ed Miliband University of London

A defiant message

Sally Gimson  |  13 November 2014

Ed Miliband gave his fightback speech in the Beveridge Hall in the Senate House at the unashamedly elite University of London in Bloomsbury. The room was full of north London Labour members. This was Miliband the intellectual, the guy who is not ashamed of ideas or of comparing different philosophies of political parties. It was …

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Ed Miliband PMQs 5 November 2014

A re-enactment with no real casualties

Sally Gimson  |  5 November 2014

It was a pretty brutal trench warfare today. Both sides were shooting hard but the battle seemed rather pointless. It may be 100 years since the start of the first world war, but to stage a mini-enactment in the House of Commons today seemed over the top. Each leader went for each other hurling as …

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The Insider

Coming down the track

The Insider  |  4 November 2014

Scottish or not, it was easy to distinguish Labour members of parliament returning to Westminster from rays of sunshine. A conference kindest described as definitely not triumphal, underwhelming polls and a close-run thing in Heywood and Middleton cast a pall over the new parliamentary term. Auguries of hard times were easy to find. As predicted …

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