Ed Miliband


Nastiness not fit for government

Sally Gimson  |  15 October 2014

Ed Miliband really did have the best of prime minister’s questions today. He had David Cameron bang to rights – or rather disability rights. Though the unemployment figures are down below 2,000,000 today, Cameron found himself fighting on Labour’s territory and having to suffer Miliband’s accusation that the Tories were still the ‘nasty party’. It …

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Ukip conference 2014

No need for new policy on immigration

Jacqui Smith  |  13 October 2014

If comment pieces were votes, we would have defeated the United Kingdom Independence party already and would no longer have to worry about having been 600 votes away from a disastrous by-election defeat last week. But they are not. None of the ‘easy’ responses to Ukip have yet worked – ignore them; talk about talking …

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Crowd at Liverpool Street Station

Trust the public on public services

Bex Bailey  |  7 October 2014

A big debate about devolution is brewing. For some, this is about more than empowering town halls or creating new layers of government in our regions. Instead of more politicians, they want to go one step further and devolve power directly to users of public services – in line with Ed Miliband’s agenda of people-powered …

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David Cameron

Fighting fire with fire

Mark Rusling  |  7 October 2014

This year, I had the professional pleasure of visiting Tory conference for the first time. The annual gathering is famed for its diversity – some middle-aged white men were from south-east England and some were from south-west England. There were stands selling tweed and handbags, and speaker after speaker denounced the coming European super-state. But …

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See no EVEL

Thom Brooks  |  7 October 2014

David Cameron announced support for ‘English votes for English laws’. It is easy to see why. Members of parliament from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland can vote on issues that affect England alone. This can lead to situations like tuition fees in England which only passed with support from non-English MPs. Cameron knows that this …

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David Cameron

A presidential race in all but name

David Talbot  |  1 October 2014

The two main antagonists for May 2015 have had their say. Right down to choosing Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow’ – immortalised in Bill Clinton’s successful presidential campaign of 1992, it also sold five million copies in 1977, incidentally – David Cameron sought to make the coming election a binary choice. Red versus …

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Clement Attlee and Ernest Bevin

Brave new world

Anthony Painter  |  25 September 2014

New times demand Labour turns away from the social democratic settlement of the postwar world, says Anthony Painter As the second world war drew to a close, western societies began to face the future once again, freed from a terrifying two decades. Out of war and depression new possibilities emerged. Nuclear power, the very first …

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Not too much radicalism, but too little

Patrick Diamond  |  25 September 2014

Ed Miliband’s task in Manchester this week was inevitably a demanding one. The Labour leader had to rally the faithful by setting out a compelling vision of how British society would be fairer under a Labour government, while at the same time providing a credible policy framework that would inspire confidence in the party’s ability to govern. Miliband’s …

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More chapel than cathedral

Hopi Sen  |  23 September 2014

A confession, dear reader: I did not watch the whole speech. When I heard that the hall was to be in raptures for a full hour and 20 minutes, I thought of the soon-to-be-available transcript. I thought of the pre-briefing I had been helpfully emailed the night before.  It occurred to me that these labour-saving devices had been …

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Ed Miliband at Labour conference 2012

Conference calls

Philip Collins  |  22 September 2014

The leader’s speech is Ed Miliband’s last chance to win the mantle of prime minister-in-waiting, writes Philip Collins In one sense Miliband knows exactly what he needs to do. He finds himself in the position of Margaret Thatcher in 1978 and Tony Blair in 1996, two party leaders who we see now as distinctive and serious …

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