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Turnout tests

Richard Angell  |  4 November 2015

Is the notion that boosted turnout will turn Labour’s fortunes around simply outlandish? Richard Angell examines its chances We had a problem of mobilising people’, said leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn – with little chance of getting on the ballot, let alone winning – as he explained why Labour lost when Progress sat down with him …

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Discarded Labour rose

We need to talk about … losing

Editorial  |  2 November 2015

‘In May we lost everywhere to everybody’, remarked Jon Cruddas, member of parliament for Dagenham and Ed Miliband’s former policy chief, in a speech in September. Referring to Labour’s three worst defeats – 1931, 1983, 2010 – Cruddas said, ‘2015 was worse still’. Yet this defeat has gone largely without mention from then leader Miliband and …

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Unlocking business

How the left can be pro-business

Mathewe Bennett  |  12 October 2015

Frustrated Labour moderates are always heard proclaiming the need to deliver a ‘pro-business’ message before the next election, in order to capture those middle-ground votes and 10 per cent swing. While probably true, it does raise an important issue – how can we balance the interests of private enterprise with progressive politics? It is a …

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British Labour and Conservative leaders

British Labour and Conservative Leaders

Richard Carr  |  2 October 2015

At the last five general elections the British public has voted in favour of a prime minister who offers centrism, charisma, competence and confidence. Labour’s response to this has been to replace Ed Miliband with Jeremy Corbyn. For some it may be difficult to know where to begin with that. Fortunately BiteBack’s edited volumes on …

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Into the unknown

Into the unknown

Editorial  |  24 September 2015

It is a Next Left project on New Labour’s scale, not its blueprint, that must be built A chapter has closed. The era of New Labour is over. It is living history to some, but history nonetheless. A Next Left chapter must now be written for Labour. The last Labour government was a great success socially, economically and culturally. …

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Jeremy Corbyn

Right first time

Stuart Hudson  |  24 September 2015

Stuart Hudson presents five steps to regaining Labour’s economic credibility Dear Jeremy, It would be churlish not to start with congratulations. After the painful election defeat in May, and all those subsequent exhortations to tack to the centre, the way the leadership campaign unfolded must have felt like a vindication of a leftwing strategy. As you travelled …

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Stafford Cripps

Labour’s austerity bind

Hopi Sen  |  24 September 2015

Labour allowed everyone to give its spending plans whatever name they liked, writes Hopi Sen On 2 November 1948, Hansard records that Michael Foot told the House of Commons, ‘I have not seen much of this eager enthusiasm among members of the Conservative party to support the austerity drive of the chancellor of the exchequer’. If …

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Labour board Tower Hamlets

Being progressive in a new era

Will Higham  |  16 September 2015

Change in politics is over-predicted and then when it finally comes, overwhelming. The Labour party with its new rules, new members and new leader it is a different beast. The one thing that is the same is the ultimate mission: to form a government that advances progressive aims and makes life better for people. It …

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Jess Phillips MP

We’re all better off when we’re all better off

Jess Phillips MP  |  11 September 2015

Jess Phillips MP speaks to Progress west Midlands conference As the west Midlands Labour gain on this panel, I feel some pressure to come up with the silver bullet of winning elections in the west Midlands. Tristram Hunt sent us panel members his remarks last night so I considered copying his homework and just reading his speech …

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Southern England

Is ‘southern discomfort’ becoming Midlands Misery?

Sally Keeble  |  10 September 2015

‘You have to realise how much people elsewhere do not like London.’ The admonishment from a frontbencher during the general election campaign explains some of the findings in Lewis Baston’s report ‘Is southern discomfort spreading?’. Although we are rightly proud of our electoral record in London, as Baston shows, there is something of a political …

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