Ed Miliband

The Insider cartoon Sep 2015

Who’s got their party back?

The Insider  |  25 August 2015

Well, that escalated quickly. When he entered the Labour leadership election, Jeremy Corbyn was best known to historians of British parliamentary rebellions. While he has long been a doughty campaigner for the British left, they had not seen him as being at the very front rank of their depleted ranks. In past elections, John McDonnell, Diane …

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Keir Hardie

Hardie’s inheritor

Renie Anjeh  |  19 August 2015

Liz Kendall offers the New and blue that Labour needs One of the missed opportunities of the ancien regime was an alliance between New Labour and blue Labour. The potential was there. Maurice Glasman, the blue Labour godfather, wrote an e-book called Labour’s Radical Tradition which included contributions from New Labour luminaries such as James Purnell, Tessa Jowell, Philip Collins, …

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Liz Kendall

‘I will give my life to this party’

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  17 August 2015

‘Mine is the real anti-austerity politics, because it will help Labour win and stop the vile things the Tories are doing’, Liz Kendall tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison Straight from a terrible defeat – one arguably worse than the nadir of 1983 – Labour plunged into a leadership contest that has been gripped by Corbynmania …

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Ben Bradshaw

‘We need a candidate who’s not from a safe seat’

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  17 August 2015

The success of ‘Fortress Exeter’ should show the way for Labour, says Ben Bradshaw As we visit deputy leadership candidate Ben Bradshaw in his Westminster office, ‘Corbynmania’ is at its zenith. The politics of the mob has found new voice in the Labour leadership race, most stridently in its hunts for ‘Tories’ lurking in the Labour party. …

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Vote labour board

Don’t get angry, get even

Editorial  |  15 August 2015

Labour went down to a terrible defeat in May. Times columnist Daniel Finkelstein’s post-match analysis was insightful. The ‘shy Tories’ who have long preoccupied pollsters and Labour party strategists are, he said, neither shy nor Tory. They were genuinely undecided, even wanted to vote Labour, but en masse felt unable to put a party with weak leadership and …

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Ed watched Dallas but to win our next leader must be a Trekkie

Gareth Horrocks  |  11 August 2015

In Star Trek, the Kobayashi Maru is a simulation to train wannabe captains at the Starfleet Academy. The goal of the exercise is to rescue the Kobayashi Maru, a disabled civilian vessel, which is under attack from the Klingons. The Kobayashi Maru is a no-win scenario. If the wannabe captain attempts a rescue, the Klingons …

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Winning Minds

Winning minds: secrets from the language of leadership

Richard Darlington  |  10 August 2015

Labour is looking for a leader. But a new book on ‘the language of leadership’ might not be the best place to look. Winning Minds is a reminder for Labour supporters not so much of ‘what it is all about’ but of ‘where it all went wrong’. ‘For leaders’ writes author Simon Lancaster, ‘it’s not …

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Vote labour board

It is time to learn from our mistakes

Leon Spence  |  5 August 2015

The very worst feeling in the world, as I was growing up at least, was when I heard my father utter the words ‘I’m not angry, I’m just really disappointed.’ I had a great dad who loved me very much and, I can testify to this now I have children of my own, could not …

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Obama Power

Keiran Pedley  |  27 July 2015

Just how did Barack Obama manage to turn things round and win a second term when the political tide seemed to be turning against him? That is the central question of this short and punchy read by Jeffrey Alexander and Bernadette Jaworsky. In just over 100 pages of text that is accessible to the reader …

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Christian Cable

Bacon and Greggs

Matt Forde  |  3 July 2015

The voters are not stupid, writes Matt Forde Of all the glosses that some have tried to put on the absolute thrashing that Labour received, the worst one I’ve heard was a party member saying, ‘Well, Ed actually increased our vote share so he deserves great credit for that’. Some other people present sagely nodded and …

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