Ed Miliband

Beach huts

Is it worth campaigning in the summer?

Lewis Baston  |  1 August 2014

The ‘dog days’ or ‘silly season’ are nearly upon us. The prime minister has had his reshuffle, restoring the sensible pattern of John Major’s premiership that new ministers should be given the summer to read themselves into the new job and know what they are talking about by the time full-scale politics resumes, and that …

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Ed Miliband

The start of a summer of speeches

John McTernan  |  25 July 2014

It’s good to see Ed taking a leaf out of Margaret Thatcher’s book. Going on the intellectual offensive was how – in 1986 – the Tory party turned the tables on Neil Kinnock the first time and overhauled Labour’s poll lead. A barrage of big speeches with big ideas at the Tories’ 1986 conference revived …

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Tony Blair, Philip Gould Lecture 2014

Evidence-based progressive ideals

Leon Spence  |  24 July 2014

This past week I was lucky enough to have a ticket for London’s biggest ‘nostalgia’ show. I had bought it because I wasn’t there the first time around and wanted to experience some of the star power and excitement from all those years ago. In the end I gave my father-in-law my ticket to Monty …

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Jim McMahon

Gaining power to give it away

Jim McMahon  |  24 July 2014

The general election is now less than eight months away and as the political battlelines are being drawn Labour is defining a new message: gaining power to give it away. The period since the last general election has been interesting. With unprecedented cuts targeted at Labour councils it would have been understandable if those same …

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Digital Skills for Tomorrow's World

Digital Skills for Tomorrow’s World

Maggie Philbin  |  23 July 2014

When I was asked to lead an independent review into digital skills by Ed Miliband, I must admit I did not quite know what I was letting myself in for. But I agreed to do it for the same reason I founded TeenTech: out of frustration that so many young people are missing out on …

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Tony Blair at Progress at 15

Myths to bust

John McTernan  |  18 July 2014

Tony Blair tells the story of walking down the street in his constituency one weekend and bumping into a long-standing party member. ‘I didn’t see you at the last branch meeting’, says TB. ‘If I’d known it was the last branch meeting’, replied the member, ‘I’d have definitely come along.’ We have all had that …

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Gisela Stuart MP campaigning

Taking on the Tories

Gisela Stuart MP  |  16 July 2014

Gisela Stuart reveals seven steps to electoral success Supermarkets complain that consumers no longer feel loyalty towards the brand. When they offer ‘three for the price of two’ shoppers still feel cheated. And if they want to buy cheap they do not go to the ‘own brand, value for money’ section, they head for the …

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Ed Miliband and David Cameron PMQs 16 July 2014

PMQs in the shadow of the reshuffle

Sally Gimson  |  16 July 2014

There were some pretty discontented former ministers scattered round the House of Commons this lunchtime. The reshuffle has taken its toll. Former secretary of state for education Michael Gove looked particularly disenchanted. He was officially revealed today in the Evening Standard as the most unpopular politician in Britain. Former defence minister Andrew Robathan, banished to backbenches, …

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Labour must decide on civil service reform

Patrick Diamond  |  16 July 2014

This week’s dramatic reshuffle has inevitably focused on the ups and downs of Conservative careers – the surprise departure of William Hague and the shock demotion of Michael Gove, alongside a clutch of ministerial promotions and casualties. Less noticed but in some ways just as significant was the announcement of a further shake-up in the …

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Conservative tree logo

March of the modernisers

Patrick Diamond and Ryan Shorthouse  |  15 July 2014

Has Conservative modernisation stalled? Patrick Diamond and Ryan Shorthouse go head to head Dear Ryan Past Conservative leaders have demonstrated a ruthless ability to reinvent and modernise their party as times changed. Defeat in 1945 heralded ‘the forward march of Labour’; many expected Clement Attlee’s party to govern for a generation. By 1951, however, the …

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