Ed Miliband

Older people

Hungry for security

James Morris  |  25 April 2016

There is nothing inevitable about Labour’s unpopularity with older voters, writes James Morris  When I started doing research for the Labour party in 2003, every focus group was with C1C2 25-55-year-old swing voters. Until, one day in late 2004, my manager asked me to do something different. Way above my head a fight was taking …

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Exit poll 2015

Mistakes on repeat

Spencer Livermore  |  18 April 2016

Labour should be learning from its mistakes, not repeating them, warns Spencer Livermore The general election in 2015 was a winnable election for the Labour party. It was an election that we could and should have won, had different decisions been made over the course of the last parliament. That makes it all the more important …

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Street cleaner. Job. London. Working.

Paying the price

Richard Angell  |  18 April 2016

Never again should Labour play fast and loose with working people’s lives The Labour party is full of idealists; it is one of the things I like about it most. But its ability to wish the situation to be better than it is sometimes has no bounds. Ed Miliband’s Labour party had this in abundance. Central …

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Leveson, Labour and the last election

Paul Farrelly MP and Nathan Sparkes  |  24 February 2016

This has been published as a response to this month’s Progress editorial – Time to stop blaming the media Margaret Beckett, in Labour’s election post-mortem, Learning the lessons from defeat, suggests – unsurprisingly – that the party’s principled support for the Leveson Inquiry may have been a factor in the negative coverage Ed Miliband received before last …

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Cameron EU statement

Cameron gives the hard sell on EU membership

Emma Reynolds MP  |  23 February 2016

There was a strange dynamic in the House of Commons chamber yesterday afternoon. A prime minister, who has consistently called himself a Eurosceptic, doing the hard sell on British membership of the European Union. Flanked by a recent pro-European convert, Theresa May, and the earliest ‘outer’ in his Cabinet, Chris Grayling, who deliberately left enough …

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Time to stop blaming the media

Editorial  |  28 January 2016

‘Imagine my initial confusion’, tweeted Labour member of parliament Jess Phillips, ‘as I worked in sexual health MSM means Men who have Sex with Men’. The MSM, or the so-called ‘mainstream media’, has become the scapegoat for many about the grievances they feel with the world. If it is not going their way, it must be …

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Labour balloon

Smell the coffee

Paul Richards  |  28 January 2016

Labour still needs a proper post-mortem In 1987, following an election when Labour won the campaign but lost the election, Philip Gould and his team presented an assessment of Labour’s defeat to a joint meeting of the shadow cabinet and the National Executive Committee. He recalled, ‘We were about to tell the party that 70 years of history had …

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Labour 2015

A welcome focus on winning

Nick Bent  |  26 January 2016

Sharply contrasted against the unedifying and introspective nature of certain elements of the current Labour party, the great strength of the Beckett report is that it is firmly focused on the public and on the future. Specifically, it is a useful blueprint to the massive challenge of how Labour wins the 2020 general election. So …

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Labour 2015_3

Beyond Beckett

Deborah Mattinson  |  24 January 2016

In June last year, soon after the general election, acting leader of the Labour party, Harriet Harman, got in touch. She wanted to commission voter research to help to understand why Labour lost. I, along with colleagues, Ben Shimshon and Cordelia Hay, undertook that work and conducted focus groups in places with particularly disappointing results …

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Labour 2015_3

The Last Word: All My Sons

Jamie Reed MP  |  23 January 2016

The publication of Margaret Beckett’s report into Labour’s most recent general election failure presents a useful lacuna in the party’s struggle to understand the latest rejection by the British people at the ballot box. Useful, but by no means exhaustive, the ‘Learning the Lessons from Defeat Taskforce Report’ confirms what those of us on the …

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