Ed Miliband

Leadership debates

It’s time to stop debating about debates

Ben Bradshaw MP  |  16 April 2014

Will they, won’t they? If so, will it be 3×3 or 2+2? Following the recent debates about Europe between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage, the discussions and speculation about the leaders’ TV debates has begun. Clegg wants to debate with Ed Miliband and David Cameron. Cameron wants Miliband on his own or, preferably, no debates …

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Hilik Bar

UK and Israeli Labour: strengthening ties

Hilik Bar  |  11 April 2014

The British and Israeli Labour parties are sister parties and founding members of the Socialist International. The parties share core values in their commitment to social democracy. The time has come to rejuvenate the historic links between the parties for the sake of social democracy in both countries and for the cause of peace in …

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Michael D Higgins

A genuinely historic visit

Matthew Doyle  |  11 April 2014

The word ‘historic’ is overused but this week’s first state visit to Britain by an Irish president qualifies for that adjective and marks another step forward in the previously troubled relationship between the two islands. The visit coincided with the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement that Michael D Higgins said in his address to …

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national minimum wage act

The minimum wage: its history and future

Nick Thomas-Symonds  |  11 April 2014

Fifteen years ago, on 1 April 1999, a national minimum wage was finally implemented. It was set at £3.60 per hour, with a lower rate of £3 for those aged 18 to 22. The 1997 Labour manifesto had set out that: ‘Introduced sensibly, the minimum wage will remove the worst excesses of low pay (and …

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Ed Miliband and Israeli Labor leader Isaac Herzog

Israel, Miliband, and the values that motivate him

Matthew Doyle  |  10 April 2014

Ed Miliband’s patron Neil Kinnock knows only too well from his own pre-election snub by Ronald Reagan that attempts by leaders of the opposition to ‘look prime ministerial’ by jumping on a plane and pumping hands overseas are fraught with danger. It is all the more perilous if they land in the middle of a …

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Neil Kinnock

22 years on: remembering 1992

Paul Richards  |  9 April 2014

For those of us who lived through it, the election held on 9 April 1992 had a profound impact on our politics. Labour entered the campaign ahead in the polls. At the very least, a Lib-Lab coalition was on the cards. In 13 Tory years we had been through two major recessions, the poll tax …

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Angel of the north

Completing the unfinished project of English devolution

Fiona Twycross AM  |  9 April 2014

Almost 10 years ago, on a cold day in late October 2004, I stood with dozens of other Labour party activists at the foot of the Angel of the North. Frozen thumbs-up the north-east devolution referendum as the then deputy leader of the Labour party John Prescott wrestled at the bottom of the hill with …

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Never again?

Stephen Bush  |  8 April 2014

Forty-nine. That’s the number of Syrian deaths not for every word, but every letter, in this column. (The preceding sentence represents 3,577 lives) Twenty years ago, the world watched the Rwandan genocide and said: ‘never again’. (3,381 lives) But ‘never again’ seems to come faster for political leaders than for everyone else, because ‘never again’ …

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Andrew Adonis

Winning the ‘race to the top’

Andrew Adonis  |  8 April 2014

Falling living standards are partly about the price of essentials, like electricity, gas and public transport rising faster than inflation. It is also about wages rising too slowly, and too many people – especially young people – being without decent jobs. There are four big problems we as a country have got to tackle. First, …

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Liverpool town hall

Still some way to go on really devolving to cities

Joe Anderson  |  8 April 2014

I welcome Ed Miliband’s announcement today. After years of painful funding cuts (still going on) we could be forgiven for thinking that Westminster politics thought the recession was a problem caused by local government – rather than them being part of the solution. But today the Labour party talks of devolution and it is good …

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