Ed Miliband


Obama Power

Keiran Pedley  |  27 July 2015

Just how did Barack Obama manage to turn things round and win a second term when the political tide seemed to be turning against him? That is the central question of this short and punchy read by Jeffrey Alexander and Bernadette Jaworsky. In just over 100 pages of text that is accessible to the reader …

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Christian Cable

Bacon and Greggs

Matt Forde  |  3 July 2015

The voters are not stupid, writes Matt Forde Of all the glosses that some have tried to put on the absolute thrashing that Labour received, the worst one I’ve heard was a party member saying, ‘Well, Ed actually increased our vote share so he deserves great credit for that’. Some other people present sagely nodded and …

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Miliband Milburn cartoon

The Miliband-Milburn dream-team

Jacqui Smith  |  1 July 2015

Promoting both economic and social mobility together is what Labour is for I want you to imagine that Ed Miliband and Alan Milburn get together and ‘father’ a policy programme. Stop screaming – I think I am onto something. What we need from a new Labour leader is a commitment to both the economic mobility …

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Andy Burnham

‘We’ve lacked emotional connection’

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  29 June 2015

The question for Labour is who is best placed to win in 2020, says Andy Burnham As someone who held positions as a special adviser, a minister and a secretary of state in the last Labour government it might be tempting for Andy Burnham to distance himself from New Labour’s record – for example, by …

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Oldham Town Hall

Identity, power and pride – not just prosperity

Tristram Hunt MP  |  24 June 2015

Following our crushing defeat there can be few now who doubt that anti-politics, apathy and the rising tide of populism hurt the Labour party more than our opponents. Scotland is clearly a unique and special case but even there it still possible to view our capitulation alongside the erosion of sentimental and electoral loyalty in …

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Bob Blizzard

The message and the messenger

Bob Blizzard  |  15 June 2015

May 2015 was the fifth general election I fought as a candidate. I spoke to more voters in this campaign than all the others put together. I shook lots of hands in the ‘blitzing’ sessions of 1997, but that involved little more than ‘thanks for your support’ as the big Blair wave swept me and …

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Insider June 2015

The Insider

The Insider  |  9 June 2015

Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village Consider the ruins of Ed Miliband’s political project. For four years the Labour party built up a vast edifice of policy and strategy. Commissions were commissioned, reviews reviewed, union executives entreated, business executives soothed. For four years this project had enormous stature. Some were impressed, and claimed it …

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Nick Bent

Five years on the frontline – and six tests for our new leader

Nick Bent  |  15 May 2015

On Sunday, still exhausted and incredibly disappointed, I went for a restorative bike ride along the Bridgewater canal. The bucolic Cheshire scenery was rather marred when I spotted a discarded ‘Vote Labour’ sign floating in the water. All sorts of unhelpful water-themed political analogies began to flood my mind: ‘holed below the water line’; ‘not …

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Labour roll of stickers

It was Labour that shifted the centre-ground

Jack Kessler  |  15 May 2015

There are lots of Tories in the United Kingdom. Some will only ever vote Conservative, others need a bit of persuading – a tax cut here or a right to buy there. And then there is a block, a large block, that will vote Conservative when there is no other viable option. Thousands of people …

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A better plan. A better future

Campaign for a Labour majority

Richard Angell  |  10 May 2015

When Labour loses power it does worse in the following general election. Think 1955, 1983. Even in 1974 when we returned to power after one term, we did so on a lower share of the vote than we lost with in 1970. Even when we create new political institutions, we follow suit: sadly this is …

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