Neglect at the heart of Beveridge

Editorial  |  11 December 2017

The one ‘missing giant’ from the founding text of the welfare state was how we deal with care in our society, argues our editorial Tackling inequality is at the very heart of the centre-left and Labour project. It is what has driven our movement since its foundation. Every Labour government has taken on the vested interests and put …

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Post-16 needs to be the focus

Kathleen Henehan  |  6 December 2017

Ignorance: Beveridge would be heartened by the educational progress but ashamed of the skills inequality

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Insult to injury for teachers

Angela Eagle MP  |  1 November 2017

The Tories’ Orwellian manipulation of statistics is causing outrage among teachers struggling to deal with increased class sizes and scaled-back curriculums, argues Angela Eagle MP Ask any headteacher, teacher or school governor about school funding right now and you are likely to hear the same story: funding from the government is failing to keep pace with spiralling costs, …

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Education for all

Stephen Twigg MP  |  7 July 2017

Global education must be at the forefront of the agenda at this weekend’s G20 summit in Hamburg, argues Stephen Twigg MP This weekend the G20 meets in Hamburg to discuss a wide range of global issues. One of the first issues on the agenda of world leaders should be global education, as it is a …

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Parallel classrooms

Ralph Scott  |  4 May 2017

English education reinforces social segregation – but it does not have to, writes Ralph Scott Last year’s referendum on membership of the European Union united the country in one way: it created a new consensus that our country is dangerously divided. It did not take much polling analysis to see that the country was split …

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Britain’s schools need real fairness

Lilian Greenwood MP  |  28 March 2017

Social mobility will be damaged irrevocably if Theresa May does not heed the advice of headteachers, governors and parents about the national funding formula, writes Lilian Greenwood MP Last Wednesday, Jeremy Corbyn not only managed to unite the Labour benches, he probably had the support of a fair few members on the Tory benches too. Yes, …

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Britain needs a careers renaissance

Nic Dakin MP  |  16 March 2017

The rapid changes taking place in Britain’s economy make it even more important that schools provide diverse careers advice for their students, writes Nic Dakin MP Having seen me present my ten minute rule bill on careers guidance (access to schools), a retired teacher got in touch with me incredulous that the fabric of careers had collapsed …

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The dignity of full-time work

Chris Carter  |  17 February 2017

Labour must transform Britain’s workforce if it is to effectively tackle the challenges of the 21st century, writes Chris Carter The challenges of an ageing population are enormous. Skills shortages, healthcare pressures, squeezed public services are but some of the consequences. Britain is ageing. Fast. One per cent of those born in 1908 survived a full century …

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British workers for British jobs

Editorial  |  9 February 2017

A future Labour government must shake-up skills on the scale the last transformed the NHS ‘We toured the country to talk about immigration and came back talking about skills’, shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer tells this magazine (page 20) in his exclusive interview. Putting together this edition went on a similar journey. Whether it was commissions on Brexit, …

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The Mossbourne model

Philip Glanville  |  6 December 2016

It is the top 20 per cent of kids that make Hackney’s schools truly comprehensive – and successful Over the summer, Hackney Labour party started our own campaign against grammar schools and other Tory attacks on schools, which we continued into the ‘Education, Not Segregation’ campaign. The response from local parents, unions and residents could not have been clearer: …

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