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Hanging on is not an option

John Jacob Woolf  |  20 May 2016

When I came into the world, some 27 years ago, a family friend sent me an application to join the Labour party. Being only a few days old, I was naturally unable to sign but the encouragement was not lost on my socialist parents. Born into a family of staunch Labourites, I was bound to …

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The cost of being a candidate

Jon Wheale  |  17 September 2015

I have been asked to write a few words about the cost of being a prospective parliamentary candidate. Where to begin? The first thing to say is that I remain convinced that being selected as the PPC for my party and for my home town was an enormous privilege – a life event which I …

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More ‘Midlands Misery’

Leon Spence  |  15 September 2015

Local government officers are people to be hugely admired. Not only do a large proportion of them go above and beyond the duties of their job description, they do one thing that people in many other walks do not have to consider. They do not let on their own opinions. As well as remaining straight-faced …

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Scotland is Labour still

John McTernan  |  3 October 2014

There’s a rather odd analysis around that Labour is acing a wipeout in Scotland at the next general election. It is primarily based on the observation that a majority of people in both Glasgow and Dundee voted Yes in the referendum. And extrapolates that into a conversion to the Scottish National party, then conflates it …

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How does Labour win a majority in 2015?

George Melhuish  |  10 March 2014

At a glance, Labour’s road to a majority in 2015 seems both long and steep. We stand today almost four years on from one of our worst defeats since the end of the second world war, having won 258 seats and just 29 per cent of the vote, barely beating the consummate disaster of the …

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How will the Lib Dems actually do?

Lewis Baston  |  31 January 2014

Public opinion, at least in terms of voting intention, has been unusually stable during this parliament. There has barely been any change in the main parties’ ratings since the middle of 2013, when Labour’s lead over the Conservatives narrowed and Ukip support subsided a bit from its peak just after the county council elections in …

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Five Days in May: The Coalition and Beyond

Roger Liddle  |  6 June 2013

Andrew Adonis BiteBack Publishing | 208pp | £12.99 Five Days in May is a grippingly told tale of failure. Even someone with Andrew Adonis’ extraordinary mix of intellectual clarity and irrepressible energy could not pull together the Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition that would have kept David Cameron out of No 10. I was there at the start. …

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Blue to red: Can Labour win without Tory switchers?

Catherine Vallis  |  14 May 2013

‘No.’ This was the simple answer from Mary Creagh that kicked off the Progress annual conference 2013 breakout session ‘Can Labour win without Tory switchers?’ To explore this issue Progress brought together a diverse panel chaired by Hopi Sen. Mary Creagh, the shadow environment secretary, was joined by Independent columnist Owen Jones, former Daily Telegraph …

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The problem with immigration

Stephen Bush  |  7 March 2013

The biggest problem with Ed Miliband is that I have no problem with him. I voted Labour in 2010; that alone makes me unnatural. I knew, at some level, that Labour was a tired, disorganised and demoralised rabble; but I voted for the Reds nonetheless. I watched Question Time, I read all the papers and …

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Target practice

Nick Smith MP  |  1 March 2013

With a string of marginal seats, Wales can be at the forefront of electing a Labour government in 2015, says Nick Smith The 2010 general election marked the low point of a period of poor election results for Labour in Wales since 2007. Although we won the most seats, Labour’s share of the vote was …

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