election 2010

No strange death here

Tom Harris  |  17 January 2013

There are two theories about the fate of the many Tory voters who used to roam freely across the plains of Scotland. The most common theory also happens to be the least persuasive: that during the last Major government, they had a Damascene conversion and chose to turn their backs on the evils of unbridled …

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Anything can happen

Peter Watt  |  29 November 2012

A midterm review suggests the government is doing its best to lose the next election, but is Labour doing enough to win it? On 6 May 2010 the people of the United Kingdom went to the polls. 10.7 million people voted Conservative, 8.7 million voted Labour and 6.8 million voted Liberal Democrat. Crucially, despite their …

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Countering a Tory fightback

Richard Angell  |  22 November 2012

Every time Labour loses a general election, it does worse the time after. 1983 was worse than 1979, and the same is true of 1955 following Attlee’s 1951 defeat. The only time we bounced straight back was in 1974 and that was on a lower share of the vote than the one that had seen …

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Path to power

Peter Kellner  |  30 September 2012

The next election may be like no other in recent decades. Peter Kellner outlines how Labour can win it. All Ed Miliband must do to become prime minister is answer three questions correctly. First, what are Britain’s biggest problems? Second, how can they be solved? And, finally, how can he show that he has what it …

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Marginal difference

Lewis Baston  |  28 September 2012

Would Labour gain more by targeting Liberal Democrat or Tory voters? A new study by Lewis Baston sifts the evidence Over the summer a debate took place within Labour circles about electoral strategy. Put simply: where should the party be focusing its energies in expanding support from the low share of the vote that it …

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Midterm blues

Editorial  |  5 September 2012

Labour will capitalise on the coalition’s troubles only if it builds a broad coalition of voters Not since the summer of 2007 when, for a brief moment, Gordon Brown appeared on the verge of securing a fourth Labour term, has David Cameron’s leadership of the Conservative party seemed as politically inept as it has in …

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Project Blueprint

David Talbot  |  23 July 2012

Michael Ashcroft’s mission began on 2 May 1997. Labour’s landslide victory left his beloved party bereft after 18 years in government. Listless, policy-less, mostly leaderless – thus began the Conservatives convoluted attempts to regain high office. Lord Ashcroft, with his millions, would play an instrumental role. When no one would dare look at the Tories, …

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What doesn’t kill you

Luke Akehurst  |  5 April 2012

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ I like to start columns with a quote from a great political thinker, in this case the singer Kelly Clarkson. In last week’s column I warned George Galloway might win in Bradford West and urged people to head there to help, as I did myself on polling day. …

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Labour’s David and Goliath lesson

Curtis McLellan  |  13 March 2012

Talk to a Labour activist who was involved in the 2010 general eection and the feeling, from my experience, is generally the same: Labour in that election won the ‘ground war’. We managed to stop a Conservative majority, we tell ourselves, by traipsing more streets and knocking on more doors, getting out the vote more …

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No need for jitters

Luke Akehurst  |  21 December 2011

In the last couple of weeks we’ve had an outbreak of panic on Twitter and blogs caused by one good joke by David Cameron at PMQs (unlikely to be remembered by any voters by 2015)  and an uptick in the Tory poll numbers following Cameron’s ‘veto’ at the EU summit. The polls need looking at …

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