election 2010

Rolling back the franchise

Siobhain McDonagh MP  |  29 November 2011

Individual voter registration could signal a slow devastation of our democracy On election day in 2010, I was knocking up in Figges Marsh in my constituency in south London when I came across a group of teenage boys. Egged on by his mates, one of them shouted over ‘Don’t worry, you don’t need to knock …

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Houdini economics

Editorial  |  24 November 2011

George Osborne is planning to use the eurozone crisis to escape his record. Can Labour stop him? A paradox rests at the heart of Labour’s struggle to rebuild its economic credibility. In March 2010, on the eve of the general election, the party was still managing – despite governing during the worst recession since the …

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Modernising Labour

John Carr  |  31 October 2011

During much of the 1980s, for most of the time, the Old Right did what the right has traditionally done. They supported the leader, though in this case often through gritted teeth. Kinnock and the Old Right were not natural bedfellows. They helped deliver a Labour NEC that supported Kinnock and we all owe them …

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Reconnecting Labour

Margaret Hodge MP  |  25 September 2011

There were constituencies up and down the country which bucked the trend and performed fantastically well for Labour in 2010. Gisela Stuart in Birmingham Edgbaston and Andrew Smith in Oxford East are just two examples. And our team in Barking triumphed over Nick Griffin and the BNP, knocking out all the BNP councillors on the …

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Uphill struggle?

  |  30 August 2011

Labour has made some headway since its defeat last year, but progress is slow and the challenge ahead is tough and complex. Could another hung parliament be on the cards, ask Deborah Mattinson and David Ashton Defeat in 2010 came as little surprise to those of us working in opinion research. Thirteen years in power …

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Winning nationwide

Jack Tunmore  |  1 August 2011

Last week in the Progress office I was given the task of compiling the names of the leaders of Labour groups on local councils. This served as a depressing reminder of just how few Labour councillors there are, particularly in the south. Too often the council switchboard would treat me to lift music while they …

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How we beat the BNP in Barking

Darren Rodwell  |  4 May 2011

This time last year, every journalist and his dog was crawling the streets of Barking, eager to find out what would drive several thousand people to vote BNP. A year on things are very different, thanks to a turn on the part of the party towards old-fashioned community engagement.

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How does a winning party make policy?

Ruth Smeeth MP  |  17 March 2011

Ahead of tonight's Progress event in Coventry, speaker at that event Ruth Smeeth writes: In the words of one of my favourite NEC members, Luke Akehurst, the simple answer to the question is ‘not the way we have been'.

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Eastern promise?

Lewis Baston  |  24 February 2011

All the talk is of 'winning the south', but Lewis Baston presents the topline findings from his and Bob Blizzard's report on why eastern England is a non-negotiable goal for Labour ahead of a dedicated event on this next month.

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The BNP and AV

Joan Ryan MP  |  22 February 2011

Labour No to AV director Joan Ryan responds to YouGov president Peter Kellner's article in the last edition of Progress

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