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No-women shortlists?

Sarah Hayward  |  3 August 2011

Women will lose out in Labour’s response to the boundary changes, as new internal rules and changing demographics inadvertently conspire against them. I want to start by saying that the Labour party has been put in an invidious position. The reduction in MPs and ensuing boundary changes are going to create such upheaval there was …

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How the East was lost … and how to win again

Bob Blizzard and Lewis Baston  |  1 June 2011

There were two tests for Labour in the East at this year's local elections:
- Would we win control of more councils?
- Would ‘red shoots' emerge by winning seats on councils we could not expect to control?

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Building the progressive majority

Caroline Flint MP  |  25 May 2011

Two weeks on from the Tories' and Liberal Democrats' first major electoral test since they went into coalition, and the UK's second ever referendum, there is no shortage of punditry or commentary on the outcome of the elections and what they mean for Labour.

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Our island story

Richard Angell  |  30 April 2011

Labour's early parliamentary selections in the ‘island' seats are a chance to pioneer a new type of politics

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Rising to the occasion

Stephen Twigg MP  |  23 March 2011

Last Friday Ed Miliband was the guest of honour at a 500-strong Labour party dinner in Liverpool. He received a warm and enthusiastic response from the party faithful. It was one of four speeches I have heard Ed deliver in the space of seven days.

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Blue Labour too conservative

Stephen Bush  |  9 March 2011

While the 'Blue Labour' idea put forward by Jon Cruddas, Jonathan Rutherford, Maurice Glasman and others is superficially attractive, it isn't the way forward for New Labour or for our party.

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Labour’s double dip

The Progressive  |  25 January 2011

The party lost in 2010 because of wilful blindness over the economy. If things carry on as they are, a second defeat is on the way in 2015.

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Labour and the community

Jack Storry  |  24 January 2011

Labour needs its candidates to be community leaders. A 'candidate's contract' specifying expected contact rates, and a clear steer to build relationships with residents, is part of entrenching the party in the community.

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Opening divides

Nick Pearce  |  21 October 2010

Despite his claim that his spending review was fair to all, the chancellor's axe has opened some big divides. Between the rich and poor, between the old and the young, between the north and south, between protected areas of investment and unprotected areas. Politically, the hit to living standards could be crucial come 2015...

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