environment and climate change

Trump has not blown climate agenda off course yet

Polly Billington and Scott Langdon  |  5 December 2016

Climate change politics have changed a lot since Ed Miliband emerged bleary-eyed into a freezing cold Copenhagen dawn insisting the negotiations were not in tatters and achieving progress was still possible. He was half right. Climate change campaigners learned from their mistakes and despite the risks that lie in Trump’s presidency we no longer go …

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Not an either-or

Anders Lorenzen  |  6 October 2016

Last week at Labour party conference, shadow energy secretary Barry Gardiner pledged that, if Labour were to win the next general election, it would ban fracking outright. This, of course, has echoes around the world, including of Bernie Sanders who had promised, were he elected president, he would ban fracking in the United States. While …

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Brexit threatens our green and pleasant land

Benjamin Butterworth  |  14 June 2016

The environment has only recently featured in this European Union referendum debate. The chief executives of the World Wide Fund for Nature and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds – two of the biggest civil society organisations in the United Kingdom – came out in support of a Remain vote last week, alongside …

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The Last Word: While you were sleeping

Jamie Reed MP  |  15 January 2016

While you were sleeping Fresh from Brussels and meetings with energy policy makers in the EU this week; a radical thought occurs. A thought so radical and far reaching that few people – other than energy policy obsessives like me – have taken the time to notice. You need to be a particularly strange/brilliant* politician …

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The structure of our economy is broken

Barry Gardiner MP  |  4 August 2015

An efficient economy does not perpetuate the misallocation of capital – it punishes it. The structure of our economy is broken. The governor of the Bank of England calls it the tragedy of the horizon, that point beyond the standard market outlook of 2-3 years where companies fail to anticipate and account for the impact …

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Ambitious about nature and wildlife

Andrew Pakes  |  3 February 2015

Over half a million people signed a petition against the government’s plans to sell off the public forest estate in 2012, with countless local groups rising from the Forest of Dean to Morpeth to save their woods. The forest sell off fiasco encapsulated everything that is wrong with the Conservatives approach to nature, thinking about …

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Environmentalists and investors speak different languages. Interpreters wanted

Edward Robinson  |  3 October 2014

It is worth pausing over one of Labour’s policy commitments, which Ed Miliband reiterated last week: decarbonising the UK power sector by 2030. Think about that. That is just over 15 years away – within many of our working lives. And Labour has already set out plans to capitalise on the economic opportunities the transition …

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Finding the energy

Nick Butler  |  27 February 2014

Energy policy in both Britain and Germany is failing. The question which should be on today’s agenda for David Cameron and Angela Merkel is whether both countries can learn from failure and find a better way forward. Failure in this case means not meeting the set objectives. In both countries those objectives are expressed in …

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Driving a wedge on climate change

Sally Gimson  |  26 February 2014

Labour attack lines on the Tories were laid out by Ed Miliband in prime minister’s questions today. Broadly they are that the Tories are untrustworthy and divided. Ed Miliband’s questions on climate change reinforced these points. They are good attacks to go on and are corrosive for the government. David Cameron only has himself to …

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How to exit the climate change ‘national security crisis’

Melanie Smallman  |  19 February 2014

Last weekend, in the midst of the worst flooding the UK has seen in 60 years, Ed Miliband described the UK as ‘sleepwalking into a national security crisis on climate change’. He argued that as a result of political divisions in Westminster over whether or not to believe the scientific evidence for man-made climate change …

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