environment and climate change

Cameron’s ‘green crap’ U-turn

Andrew Pakes  |  29 November 2013

Each day appears to bring a government U-turn at the moment, but none appears greater than the confusion surrounding David Cameron’s approach to energy policy. Rising energy prices have dominated the political agenda this autumn with the government forced onto the defensive as it struggles to understand how to respond to public concerns about the …

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We need to talk about climate change

Andrew Pakes  |  21 October 2013

A few weeks ago no one would have predicted that we would be in the middle of the party conference season with a debate dominated by energy prices. Whilst Nick Clegg ducked the opportunity to spell out his commitment to a non-carbon energy system, Ed Miliband took the issue head on. The price freeze announcement …

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Green social democracy: going beyond market failure

Edward Robinson  |  10 October 2013

The publication of two reports in September has reminded us just how unsustainable global economic growth remains. But, despite the gloom, both reports pre-empt a mood, especially among business, that the challenges of resource depletion and climate change can only be met by renewed cooperation between state and market in ways that go beyond just …

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The Green Book: New Directions for Liberals in Government

Melanie Smallman  |  12 March 2013

If The Green Book is a showcase of thinking within the Liberal Democrats, there is little to suggest a stop to their downward spiral. The book is an interesting exposition of why we need to move to a greener, low-carbon economy, and how we can get there. As well as looking at developing a compelling …

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We need to talk about the weather

Evan Williams  |  13 November 2012

What on earth has happened to the weather? Sandy interrupting the final week of the US elections, flooding in Aberdeen, flash floods in Edinburgh, hailstones in East Kilbride. Scottish holidaymakers evacuated because of forest fires near Marbella and flooding in Cadiz … Around the world, we have seen extreme weather like floods, droughts, and heatwaves. …

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Green Labour at the crossroads

Daniel Stevens and Tristan Stubbs  |  6 September 2012

Labour can draw on its past to build a truly green future economy By Daniel Stevens and Tristan Stubbs —The right is continuing its attempt to seize the green mantle from Labour. David Cameron famously proclaimed a wish to run the ‘greenest government ever’; more recently the conservative philosopher Roger Scruton maintained that only the …

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A green boost for England

Mary Creagh MP  |  14 June 2012

On Monday, along with Huw Irranca-Davies MP, I visited the new Welsh Coastal Path near Cardiff to meet with former Welsh environment minister Jane Davidson and the Tiger Bay Ramblers.  The path was officially opened on 5 May and fulfils a long-held ambition of Welsh Labour to ensure public access to the whole coastline. The …

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The lights might stay on – but is anyone in?

Melanie Smallman  |  30 May 2012

Energy is a difficult issue for the UK. Not only are there the competing needs to keep the lights on and at the same time tackle climate change, there are also pressures from the energy industry to secure their profits and from consumers to keep energy prices low. But the coalition government’s draft energy bill, …

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Cameron’s broken green bandwagon

Melanie Smallman  |  1 May 2012

Last week was going to be the week that David Cameron finally revealed himself to be leading the greenest government ever.  According to advance media stories, the prime minister was to announce ‘a major policy intervention’ and end his silence on green issues in a speech to the Clean Energy Summit meeting in London on …

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Water, water everywhere

Barry Gardiner MP  |  20 April 2012

It is a fact universally acknowledged that the moment any government minister announces a hosepipe ban the heavens open and we get days of unending rain. The drought in parts of England, however, is just the latest example of a long-standing policy failure to properly manage our water supply. This government promised a draft water …

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