environment and climate change

It’s the green economy, stupid

Barry Gardiner MP  |  17 April 2012

As we get closer to June, excitement is building in the global environment community about the UN Sustainable Development conference in Rio. And that is precisely the problem! As long as Rio+20 remains the hot topic for eco-lobbyists, it will remain profoundly worthy; but it will fail. Rio must be of interest to finance ministers. …

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Leading on sustainable development

Fiona O'Donnell MP  |  29 February 2012

This is a make or break year for sustainable development, and Britain should be leading the world in setting out an ambitious future for green growth and the environment.  The Rio+20 Summit being held in June is the biggest global gathering on sustainable development since the original Rio summit in 1992. It is crucial the …

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It’s the environment, stupid

Richard Robinson  |  3 February 2012

The environment may point the direction to restoring Labour’s economic credibility. There is little doubt in among the disappointing opinion polls and leader ratings that Labour faces a problem with electoral and crucially economic credibility. I do not believe the issue of personnel should try the party the most, but of economics. For all the …

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Unscrap the boiler scrappage scheme

Mike Foster  |  18 November 2011

A fiscal stimulus that cuts energy bills, saves the planet, protects jobs and raises revenue? Yes it is possible. Back in 2009, in the pre-budget report, then chancellor Alistair Darling announced the UK’s first boiler scrappage scheme. It was modelled on the very successful car scrappage scheme that had worked to help protect jobs in …

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How to combat the Green peril

Carina O'Reilly  |  14 October 2011

With the collapse of the Liberal Democrat vote it is tempting for Labour party campaigners in areas where they’ve long been strong to sit back and wait for council seats to fall. And to an extent this is effective – recent polling from YouGov suggests that more than a third of those who voted Liberal …

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Food in a world of nine billion

William Bain  |  4 October 2011

Labour in government recognised the central importance of food to our economy and way of life. We set up a Cabinet Office enquiry into the food sector: Food 2030 was the first national plan for food since the second world war. We took action to improve supply chains and regulated markets to cut food waste. …

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Protecting human rights abroad

Kate Green MP  |  9 September 2011

On Tuesday, the Public Bill Committee for the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill will discuss the government’s planned reforms of civil law. In response to lobbying by insurers and those that have fallen foul of the law, the government plans to make it practically impossible for lawyers to take on business and …

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Labour in Brussels: 2011, the story so far

Claude Moraes MEP  |  28 July 2011

From changing the culture of the financial sector to supporting the Arab Spring and watching out for Tory EU-turns, Labour in the European parliament has had a busy year. Its recess time for Westminster and the European parliament. We’ll be back to Brussels in August. Looking back to January, here’s a review of the things …

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No breakthrough in Bangkok climate talks

Stephen Minas  |  13 April 2011

The climate change debate has come a long way since 1989, when Mrs Thatcher labelled global warming a threat 'as menacing in its way as those more accustomed perils with which international diplomacy has concerned itself for'.

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Failing the green challenge

  |  7 April 2011

Global warming remains the most pressing concern for governments around the world. We are seeing extreme weather patterns, from flooding in Bangladesh to mudslides in China to forest fires in Australia. The average world temperature has increased by 0.74 degrees since 1901. According to geological studies carbon dioxide in our air is at its highest level for 650,000 years.

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