Fighting inequality locally

Sarah Hayward  |  29 May 2013

In Labour-run Camden we know there is an alternative to the devastating cuts inflicted on public sector budgets and the seeping evil of welfare benefit changes. We know that local authorities are powerfully placed to broker agreements that result in homes and jobs. Our Equality Taskforce report, independently chaired and with expert members, has looked …

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Backing a disability manifesto

Mark Cooper  |  11 March 2013

I read with great interest Richard Angell’s article on making the range of Labour party candidates more diverse. I was the Labour PPC in Orkney and Shetland in 2010 and I have cerebral palsy. I often am asked why aren’t there more disabled people in political office. The answer is a complicated one with factors …

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People before traffic

Phil Jones  |  3 January 2013

Could it soon become possible to travel all the way from the borders of Essex to the West End of London on main roads with a 20mph speed limit? Across London, Labour boroughs such as Camden, Hackney, Islington, Southwark and Waltham Forest are rejecting the timid policies of Boris Johnson’s Transport for London that too …

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Vicious, poisonous and nasty

Angela Eagle MP  |  14 December 2012

Yesterday during business questions I welcomed the fact that, after months of prevarication, the government has decided to bring forward legislation on equal marriage.  But I pushed the Leader of the House, Andrew Lansley, to ensure that we do not have a repeat of some of the outrageous and offensive remarks made recently in debates, …

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Affording universal childcare

Dalia Ben-Galim  |  26 October 2012

There is no debate over whether childcare costs are high in the UK: the cost of a nursery place has increased by six per cent in the last year and a dual-earner couple on average wage with two children will spend 27 per cent of their net family income on childcare (higher than any other …

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Keeping citizenship in schools

Jacqui Smith  |  15 October 2012

As an education minister in 1999 I was proud to oversee the introduction of citizenship into the national curriculum for schools across England and Wales. Before David Blunkett, as education secretary, championed the change it was considered perfectly OK for a young person to leave school having received no education in how the democratic institutions …

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What’s Labour’s goal in health?

Neil Churchill  |  9 October 2012

Those hoping for insight at conference into Labour’s future health policy were left clear about the party’s animosity to the Health and Social Care Act but none the wiser about what would animate it in government. Will Labour find a moral purpose on health as it seems likely to do on social care? The party …

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Get organised – the prize is worth the struggle

Mathew Lawrence  |  30 September 2012

Joe Hill, the Swedish-American trade unionist, wrote a last letter to his fellow members shortly before he faced the firing squad in Utah in 1915.  What Joe Hill told his supporters contains a truth still relevant for us today when confronting the coalition’s failing deficit strategy, its hollowing out of Britain’s remaining social-democratic settlement and …

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Building the alternative

Sarah Hayward  |  24 August 2012

Camden council sits in the very centre of our nation’s capital and, while town halls around the UK brace themselves for the outcome of the next comprehensive spending review, Labour councils are more important than ever. There has never been a more important time for Labour to be in power in local government. While we …

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Alternative Queen’s Speech: the poem

Anthony Parker  |  20 April 2012

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons, My government’s programme I lay before thee, It shall be based on transparency and utmost honesty, It shall be based on civil liberty. My government shall respect and recognise love, Love and commitment in many forms, It should give equal rights no matter their sexuality, My …

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