Letter from … Berlin

Simon Vaut  |  4 September 2017

SPD candidate Martin Schulz made two disastrous errors when launching his candidacy, finds Simon Vaut Martin Schulz achieved something the German Social Democrats have not seen in a long time: a unified party. The delegates voted unanimously at the SPD party convention for him as party leader and to challenge chancellor Angela Merkel, as well …

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No free for all

Catherine Barnard  |  30 August 2017

You can provide controls on immigration while upholding free movement of labour, finds Catherine Barnard For many people, it was concerns about immigration that prompted them to vote to leave the European Union. The perception was that the United Kingdom was unable to deport EU criminals, that EU migrants were putting an undue burden on …

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Nationalism or the national interest

Pat McFadden MP  |  11 July 2017

The Brexit choice is clear, and voices within Labour will continue to push for the economic interests of the country, writes Pat McFadden MP Before the general election it looked as though the United Kingdom’s Brexit path was clear: nationalist ideology would trump economic interest. There would be no single market, whatever the damage, no …

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Two Tory Brexits

Seema Malhotra MP  |  21 June 2017

Theresa May has been undermined by her chancellor. There are now two Brexit strategies at the heart of government, writes Seema Malhotra MP This week at Mansion House, the chancellor Phillip Hammond gave an extraordinary speech that made it quite clear that he had given up the pretence that the government approach of a hard …

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Ignoring Brexit during this election would be a mistake

Stephen Kinnock MP  |  26 April 2017

Imagine driving through central London, at rush hour, with no traffic lights. Imagine the Merseyside derby (the fixture that has seen more red cards than any other in British football) being played without a referee. Imagine flights trying to land at Heathrow without any air traffic controllers. It probably would not end well, would it? …

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Simply sloganeering

Matt Kelly  |  6 March 2017

Matt Kelly dissects the government’s underwhelming Brexit white paper Two distinct doses of poison must be swallowed in any examination of the Brexit white paper. The first, one of indigestible condescension from the prime minister. The second, the procession of lies, overpromises and wishful thinking that masquerade as substance in the government’s 12 objectives. That …

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Time to choose

Joe Carberry  |  20 January 2017

There are options for Labour – it must now pick an approach to Brexit, writes Joe Carberry Labour’s response to Theresa May’s plan for hard Brexit has been confused –both opposing it and seemingly claiming credit for it. This is an unsustainable contortion. But this can be an opportunity the party should take. Our country will be poorer and we must expose the idea that the rewards of being in the single …

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The country deserves an alternative

Adam Harrison  |  11 January 2017

Freedom of movement is not a core Labour value, but leaving the single market goes against the national interest, argues Adam Harrison Not so long ago, British politics revolved around the question of The Deficit. To try to answer this question, Labour promised to cut the deficit more nicely than those nasty Tories would. As …

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Strike a deal

Peter Mandelson  |  14 December 2016

There are still trade options open for Britain This year’s referendum was the most divisive, polarising event in Britain’s postwar history – which is why you would have thought the government would wish to respect the result delivered by one half of the country but secure the trade that the other half believes is so important. …

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Best of Britain: How does Labour effectively make the case for staying in Europe? in Leeds

Adam Harrison  |  28 April 2016

Ahead of the EU referendum, on the 28 April Progress and Labour Movement for Europe are pleased to invite you to a special training event followed by a panel discussion in Leeds to help activists make the best case on the doorstep for staying in Europe. Activist training: How (not) to talk about Europe 6-7pm, …

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