Hague in the land of the damned

Petros Fassoulas  |  2 July 2010

With his wish to bump Brits up the Brussels career ladder, Mr Hague says he wants to put Britain at the heart of the EU. But he must also put the EU at the heart of Britain.

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The EU and Iran

Tal Ofer  |  18 June 2010

The EU should impose stricter trade sanctions on Iran, and ensure all member states comply with the rules to achieve a united front on the issue

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Osborne at the Mansion House

Ben Fox  |  17 June 2010

The coalition's reforms don't get to the root of the problem: light-touch regulation, which needs more to tackle it than rearranging City deckchairs

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Back to the 1980s?

Paul Richards  |  16 June 2010

As Harriet Harman opposes a government whose policies look set to raise unemployment, she's awarded a 2-1 against the coalition, as Margaret Hodge and Tory MP David Evenett win prizes for best interventions

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Round four of sanctions

Bob Glaberson  |  15 June 2010

This is just the beginning. Sensitivity to dealing with the wider Middle East is part of the solution, as is renewed and visible public backing for non-proliferation

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Beating the BNP together

Tulip Siddiq  |  3 May 2010

While door knocking last night, I found myself face to face with a first time voter who supported the BNP. Why?

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How will leaders deal with the EU question?

Petros Fassoulas  |  21 April 2010

The next leaders' debate on 22 April will cover foreign affairs and the UK's membership of the EU is expected to feature prominently. Finally!

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