The country deserves an alternative

Adam Harrison  |  11 January 2017

Freedom of movement is not a core Labour value, but leaving the single market goes against the national interest, argues Adam Harrison Not so long ago, British politics revolved around the question of The Deficit. To try to answer this question, Labour promised to cut the deficit more nicely than those nasty Tories would. As …

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Strike a deal

Peter Mandelson  |  14 December 2016

There are still trade options open for Britain This year’s referendum was the most divisive, polarising event in Britain’s postwar history – which is why you would have thought the government would wish to respect the result delivered by one half of the country but secure the trade that the other half believes is so important. …

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Best of Britain: How does Labour effectively make the case for staying in Europe? in Leeds

Adam Harrison  |  28 April 2016

Ahead of the EU referendum, on the 28 April Progress and Labour Movement for Europe are pleased to invite you to a special training event followed by a panel discussion in Leeds to help activists make the best case on the doorstep for staying in Europe. Activist training: How (not) to talk about Europe 6-7pm, …

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Making the green case for Europe

Andrew Pakes  |  9 March 2016

Amidst the acrimony and blue-on-blue infighting, the actual case for British membership in Europe is in danger of getting lost. No doubt we need a better level of debate, but we also need a debate with the green case for Europe at its core. That is why today’s new report on the green evidence for …

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Women to win

Emma Reynolds MP  |  3 March 2016

Why women must be visible in the In campaign During the first week of the European Union referendum campaign, the airwaves and newspapers were awash with men in suits. Senior Tory politicians, businesspeople and retired army generals dominated the headlines. Most of whom were men. Pro-Europeans will miss a trick if we fail to appeal to women …

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Cities need the freedom and opportunity inside Europe

Marvin Rees  |  29 February 2016

While I hesitate to draw on the insights of a former Conservative leader, it seems appropriate when they show up the weakness in the argument of another. When Iain Duncan Smith underpinned his Brexit case on Andrew Marr with an appeal to optimism and British pride I was reminded of an insight shared by John …

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Cameron gives the hard sell on EU membership

Emma Reynolds MP  |  23 February 2016

There was a strange dynamic in the House of Commons chamber yesterday afternoon. A prime minister, who has consistently called himself a Eurosceptic, doing the hard sell on British membership of the European Union. Flanked by a recent pro-European convert, Theresa May, and the earliest ‘outer’ in his Cabinet, Chris Grayling, who deliberately left enough …

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Crime works across borders; we must work together

David Taylor  |  23 February 2016

Whether or not the voters of North Wales elect me as police and crime commissioner on the 5 May, I will be campaigning for Britain to stay in the European Union in the referendum on the 23 June. In fact, if I am elected to head up the fight against crime in North Wales, my campaigning will …

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We should be leading, not leaving

Seema Malhotra MP  |  22 February 2016

Last week I gave a speech to City UK who cite their goals as driving competitiveness, creating jobs and lasting economic growth. These objectives chime well with Labour’s key economic aim of shared prosperity for all. A strategic partnership with business and industry is at the heart of Labour’s economic policy. We see working with …

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SNP set for a European volte-face

Duncan Hothersall  |  22 February 2016

The European Union referendum looks a little different in Scotland than, I suspect, it looks elsewhere in the United Kingdom right now. That is not just because of a pretty solid political coalition around the remain campaign, and some strong polling numbers for remain among the electorate. An interesting piece of analysis from the Estimating …

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