The start of a centre-left revival?

William Bain  |  22 February 2017

The popularity of Emmanuel Macron and Martin Schulz has turned the narrative of the inevitable decline of the European centre-left on its head, writes William Bain Visiting Paris and Berlin last autumn to speak with politicians and commentators on the common challenges faced by the centre-left in Europe, despondency was everywhere. Disaster was predicted in …

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Labour must not abandon internationalism

Roger Liddle  |  21 February 2017

Roger Liddle’s speech to the House of Lords calling on Labour to fight hard Brexit I want to address my brief remarks to my own benches. Whatever our differences on our response to last year’s referendum, we are all with some few exceptions pro-Europeans, including members of our frontbench who I count as good friends. …

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An act of national self-immolation

David Lammy MP  |  20 February 2017

The economic and social grievances that aroused the anger of Leave voters were not caused by the European Union – and will not be remedied by Brexit, writes David Lammy MP Make no mistake, the passage of the government’s Brexit bill through parliament was difficult for Labour, revealing tensions that have been apparent for some …

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Parliamentary democracy has not ended

Pat McFadden MP  |  17 February 2017

The hysterical response to Tony Blair’s speech betrays the Leave campaign’s fear that they will be held to account for their campaign promises, argues Pat McFadden MP Tony Blair knows that whenever he makes a speech there is first the “shoot the messenger” issue – those on both right and left who will not engage with …

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Slumping sterling

John Mills and Karen Landles  |  16 February 2017

Should Labour welcome the fall in the pound? Former Labour Leave chair John Mills and Labour Business executive committee member Karen Landles debate

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United we stand

Esther Lynch  |  14 February 2017

The European Trade Union Confederation are determined to ensure that British workers do not pay the price of Brexit, argues Esther Lynch Unions are about uniting people. Alone we may be powerless but together, organised in our unions we can achieve great things. Being organised in a union means being connected with other workers not …

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2017: A survival guide

Ben Shimshon and Cordelia Hay  |  13 February 2017

After an awful year for progressives, Ben Shimshon and Cordelia Hay set out four ways to survive the next 12 months At BritainThinks, we are lucky to hear from voters week in and week out. In 2016, many of us forgot the lesson that you need start from where people actually are, not where you wish they were. …

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The Last Word: Power and pretenders

Richard Angell  |  10 February 2017

The Corbynite coalition’s gaping hole, an opportunity for Scottish Labour and an NHS crisis in Copeland – Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word Principle and power are harder to reconcile for some over others. Jeremy Corbyn led his Labour troops through the lobby to trigger Article 50 – and Britain’s exit of the European Union – …

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Putting steel into Britain’s industrial strategy

Anna Turley MP  |  10 February 2017

Building a positive future for the steel industry in Britain will require strategic, supportive action from the government, writes Anna Turley MP Last month the government finally announced some detail on its much vaunted intentions for an industrial strategy. Those of us familiar with the struggles of the steel industry and who have been calling for …

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British workers for British jobs

Editorial  |  9 February 2017

A future Labour government must shake-up skills on the scale the last transformed the NHS ‘We toured the country to talk about immigration and came back talking about skills’, shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer tells this magazine (page 20) in his exclusive interview. Putting together this edition went on a similar journey. Whether it was commissions on Brexit, …

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