The Schulz effect

Florian Ranft  |  20 March 2017

The energetic start that Martin Schulz has made to his campaign for the chancellorship is a marked contrast to Angela Merkel’s managerial style, argues Florian Ranft It has been a near sensation for social democrats to follow Germany’s public opinion polls recently. After years of being stuck in the 20-and-a-few-per-cent-trap, Martin Schulz’s nomination lifted the …

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Philip Hammond’s deficit denial

Christabel Cooper  |  17 March 2017

With a hard Brexit looming, the government is keen to forget all about the deficit – it is Labour’s job to make sure it does not, argues Christabel Cooper Back in the summer of 2015 – those halcyon days when Labour were a piffling eight points behind in the opinion polls – I attended a Progress …

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No turning the clock back

Mary Wimbury  |  17 March 2017

Progressives have a duty to ensure that the government secures a Brexit deal that keeps Britain open for business and prosperity, writes Mary Wimbury It is very easy to assume peace and democracy in western Europe are a natural state when that is all you have ever known. Yet, my dad fought in the second world …

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The silence of the Brexiteers

Christabel Edwards  |  16 March 2017

Philip Hammond’s reluctance to talk about Brexit casts doubt over the government’s insistence that Brexit will be a success, warns Christabel Edwards Often, it is what is not said that sends the loudest message, and one of the most bizarre aspects of Brexit since the very start, has been the apparent lack of enthusiasm from those who …

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Britain teeters on a cliff edge

Roger Liddle  |  9 March 2017

Labour peer Roger Liddle sets out why he felt forced to break the party whip over Brexit for the first time in his storied career Since I got in the Lords I have always loyally voted the party whip (making my views known behind the scenes when I had reservations about party policy). But in the last …

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The Last Word: March to save the NHS

Richard Angell  |  3 March 2017

Save our NHS, time to speak truth to power on Copeland, gongs gone wrong and thank Lord for the upper house – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word Tomorrow I, along with thousands of other Labour activists, will be taking to the street to defend our National Health Service. As shadow health …

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The wrong side of history

Spencer Livermore  |  28 February 2017

In ordering peers to vote against retaining Britain’s membership of the single market, the leadership has placed Labour on the wrong side of history, writes Spencer Livermore The Labour party should always stand up for Britain’s national economic interest. That is why I was so shocked and dismayed – along with many other Labour peers – when our …

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The start of a centre-left revival?

William Bain  |  22 February 2017

The popularity of Emmanuel Macron and Martin Schulz has turned the narrative of the inevitable decline of the European centre-left on its head, writes William Bain Visiting Paris and Berlin last autumn to speak with politicians and commentators on the common challenges faced by the centre-left in Europe, despondency was everywhere. Disaster was predicted in …

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Labour must not abandon internationalism

Roger Liddle  |  21 February 2017

Roger Liddle’s speech to the House of Lords calling on Labour to fight hard Brexit I want to address my brief remarks to my own benches. Whatever our differences on our response to last year’s referendum, we are all with some few exceptions pro-Europeans, including members of our frontbench who I count as good friends. …

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An act of national self-immolation

David Lammy MP  |  20 February 2017

The economic and social grievances that aroused the anger of Leave voters were not caused by the European Union – and will not be remedied by Brexit, writes David Lammy MP Make no mistake, the passage of the government’s Brexit bill through parliament was difficult for Labour, revealing tensions that have been apparent for some …

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