What has changed?

Stella Creasy MP  |  20 April 2017

How do the policy challenges of 1997 compare with the ones we face today, asks Stella Creasy Tony Blair did not send a single email in office. The 1997 manifesto pledged to get rid of outside toilets in schools, such was the condition of our public services. Back then people went into shops to book …

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Brexit on the ballot

Stephen Beer  |  19 April 2017

Delivering a Brexit that is socially justice must be at the heart of Labour’s general election campaign, writes Stephen Beer Facing this election, once again Labour faces the challenge of explaining clearly what it will do to promote a better economy. This subject cannot be avoided. Credibility is key. Yet this time it is linked, …

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I left the Lib Dems and so should others

Alex Warnakulasuriya  |  19 April 2017

No self-respecting progressive should get into bed with a party that propped up David Cameron and George Osborne for five years, writes Alex Warnakulasuriya I joined the Liberal Democrats in October 2016. I joined Tim Farron’s #libdemfightback (ugh) seeking refuge from the maelstrom engulfing the Labour party. I saw their resurgence in the polls as an opportunity …

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The fight of progressives’ lives

Richard Angell  |  18 April 2017

Labour members must bust a gut to elect as many Labour members of parliament as possible and stop a hard Brexit, writes Progress director Richard Angell This morning Theresa May broke another promise and plunged the country towards an early election. She will use the next seven weeks to ram through a hard Brexit at any …

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Who is in control?

Roger Liddle  |  13 April 2017

Theresa May has limited her hard Brexit options, argues former Tony Blair adviser Roger Liddle The British political class may be obsessed with Brexit, but the continent’s political world is not. Among European social democrats, there is widespread sadness about Britain’s vote to leave: pained disbelief that for all the European Union’s manifest imperfections, anyone …

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Twice in a generation

Stephen Daisley  |  12 April 2017

Scotland’s non-nationalists approach a second referendum as a majority without a movement, writes Stephen Daisley It seems like only two and a half years since the last referendum on Scottish independence but the Scottish National party assures us a generation has passed, and I would advise you not to question them. It seldom ends well. Nicola Sturgeon has demanded a rerun of that …

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Looking for somewhere

Allen Simpson  |  12 April 2017

Britain’s new divide is not about a rejection of liberalism, writes Allen Simpson In the dying days of the Gordon Brown government, Douglas Carswell made an impish appearance at a Fabian conference to tell the left that it had a structural problem. He said our purpose was to oppose the powerful, but we have been so …

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Labour must defend Gibraltar

Andrew Apostolou  |  7 April 2017

The Conservatives have marginalised Gibraltar before and are doing so again – it falls to our party to stand up for it, argues Andrew Apostolou The Tories are already talking about war over Gibraltar less than a week after prime minister Theresa May told the rest of the European Union that ‘we want to remain committed …

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Security is not a Brexit bargaining chip

Claude Moraes MEP  |  4 April 2017

Theresa May’s ‘veiled threat’ to the European Union over information-sharming endangers the security of Britons, argues Claude Moraes MEP On the 31 March, Donald Tusk replied to Theresa May’s letter triggering article 50. There will be many analyses of the European council’s response, but one widespread initial reaction is how clear and unambiguous their response seems …

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The Last Word: Auf Wiedersehen, EU

Richard Angell  |  31 March 2017

Theresa May triggers article 50, Jeremy Corbyn’s abysmal polling in London and the NHS – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word Auf Wiedersehen, Europe Wednesday was a day of real sorrow. The triggering of article 50 has been a long time coming, but seeing Theresa May actually send the letter brought back all the …

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