Wanted: experience handling bananas

  |  1 December 2009

Given Europe is supposed to be the land of straight bananas, it really was the most supreme folly for the continent to consider handing the role of first-ever foreign minister – a role whose primary remit may be going round the world insisting Europe’s bananas are not really that straight after all – to one …

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Reckless work

Ed Williams  |  1 December 2009

Tory plans to meddle with EU employment laws are unworkable and unethical

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The road to Copenhagen

Rachel Reeves MP  |  1 December 2009

The progressive case for climate action

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Democratic deficit

Lord Morgan  |  24 November 2009

Lord Morgan: ‘We should have the popular will asserted in our constitution, in the choice of candidates, in primaries, in the power of recall’

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Europe talks

Giampi Alhadeff  |  23 November 2009

Europe is all the better for the appointment of Cathy Ashton

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Interview: Stephen Twigg

  |  19 November 2009

Beyond the crisis of the European centre-left

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A pivotal position

Murray Rowlands  |  9 November 2009

Turkey stands at the crossroads

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Get a grip

Nick Witney  |  5 November 2009

To avoid creeping irrelevance, Europe must find a collective voice on the international stage

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Snakes and ladders

  |  26 October 2009

Recent elections in Greece and Germany have seen the centre-left veering between triumph and disaster. Dimitris Tsarouhas and Emma Reynolds report

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Equal representation

Glenis Willmott MEP  |  26 October 2009

We need more women at the top table of Europe

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