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Health bill in more trouble

Angela Eagle MP  |  9 February 2012

Andrew Lansley’s ill-fated health bill ran into even more trouble this week when the government was defeated in the Lords on day one of its report stage. The Financial Times also reported a Conservative backbencher as saying ‘No Tory MP knows what the point of these reforms is.’ I couldn’t help thinking they’re not alone! …

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Five notes on Cameron’s EU-turn

Denis MacShane MP  |  31 January 2012

1) David Cameron’s acceptance in Brussels yesterday that Britain would place no obstacles in the next stage of European development is the biggest U-turn by a British prime minister in the decades-long tortuous history of the UK’s relationship with Europe. Six weeks ago Cameron came back to cheers from Eurosceptic MPs and press as he …

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Keep it going

Andrew Adonis  |  1 November 2011

New Labour’s ‘investment and reform’ of schools was turning the tide on social mobility A recent spate of studies provide big lessons for Labour’s future. In particular: don’t trash Labour’s record, but learn from past success and adopt the same radical New Labour mindset in addressing the challenges ahead, especially the challenge of growth. The …

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Fixing the economy

Alison McGovern MP  |  1 November 2011

It’s terrible to say I told you so. It’s smug, and when matters take a turn for the worse, it doesn’t fix the problem one bit. But today, with the Office for National Statistics publishing the first estimate of 2011 third quarter growth as 0.5 per cent, there are many of us in the Labour …

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Arab democracy in action

Luke Bozier  |  25 October 2011

I’ve always believed in Tunisia. I’d seen first hand how frustrating life could be there under the regime, when I was mildly harassed by secret police there six years ago. Small things, like having police officers sitting outside your hotel room when you got back from a meeting, having the roads outside the British Council …

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Growing pains

Robert Allen  |  18 October 2011

It wasn’t meant to be like this. Labour left office in May 2010 with growth of 1.1 per cent in the second quarter of 2010. Yet nearly 18 months and two growth reviews later, growth has stalled and the government is still searching for a convincing programme for growth. It is not credible to suggest …

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Really backing small business

Philip Ross  |  13 October 2011

The party conferences showed that small business is on the agenda again for both parties and is big news. Make no mistake, it will be on the agenda all the way through this parliament. The Tories will try to paint themselves as the friend of enterprise and Labour as in hock to unions and the …

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The germ of a solution

Denis MacShane MP  |  8 August 2011

Twenty five years ago I wrote a pamphlet for the Fabian Society called ‘French Lessons for Labour.’ It was a vain attempt to persuade the unreformed ‘old’ Labour Party that there might be some ideas from the socialist administration of Francois Mitterrand that might be worth adapting. Labour was then locked in its eurosceptic mode, …

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Consensus not the same as doing the right thing

Stephen Beer  |  16 June 2011

Though it is the call for a temporary cut in VAT making the headlines, Ed Balls' thoughtful speech today will reward more attention. It was welcome in that it addressed the differences in policy between Labour and the Conservatives.

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FT education results survey should be our rallying cry for change

Pat McFadden MP  |  27 April 2011

The Financial Times education results survey should be our rallying cry for change. We should learn from the London Challenge and reject anything that leads to levelling down, rather than levelling up, of standards.

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