Financial Times

Osborne’s world

Anthony Painter  |  31 March 2011

The budget was just a staging post in George Osborne's long-term plan. As much political as economic, this strategy should compel Labour to re-examine its own past and prepare for the political fight of its life, warns Anthony Painter

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Alan Johnson: a dilemma resolved?

Lucy Gill  |  11 October 2010

The election of Ed Miliband and the decisions he has taken since have certainly upturned the apple cart. If that saves the frontbench from sinking into a bog of entitlement, empire-building and complacency, that will be no bad thing. If the appointment of Alan Johnson as shadow chancellor results in a moderate and constructive critique of government policy that takes the party to where it needs to be by the next election, that too will be something to cheer.

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