foreign policy

Labour has been here before on foreign policy

Dermot Kehoe  |  19 August 2014

In the middle of Labour’s last period of opposition I went to the polls for the first time. 1987 was a hard fought and sometimes vicious campaign. One of the Conservative adverts that has stuck in my memory was an attack on Labour’s foreign policy – it was simply a picture of a British soldier …

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A staggering abdication of leadership

Stephen Beer  |  13 August 2014

We need a government with a credible foreign and defence policy. The atrocities being carried out in Iraq by Islamic State, the conflict and rising tensions in Ukraine and the ongoing conflict in Gaza, are just the latest examples to expose the void in government thinking. The abdication of leadership is staggering. The United Nations …

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Modi: Engaging the man we banned from the UK

Sunny Hundal  |  23 May 2014

The election of Narendra Modi as prime minister of India raises a tricky question for British foreign policy and the Labour party in particular: how do we deal with the man we barred from entering the UK? Neither the Conservatives nor Labour can afford to ignore Modi, let alone shun him as before. India is …

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Let’s talk about China: a response to McNeill and Small

Jenny Clegg  |  23 May 2014

The fact that China is emerging as an ever-bigger and more powerful global player is something that Labour, as McNeill and Small have rightly said, must talk about. The key question as they see it is how to deal with a power that is resistant to liberal norms both at home and abroad but which …

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The BBC of the world

Brian Brivati  |  15 April 2014

What the Labour party’s foreign policy should be for To think about a Labour foreign policy after Afghanistan and Iraq, and in the midst of Syria and Ukraine, we need to think about the nature of power in the information age. The world’s old security paradigm is broken. Liberal interventionists need to understand this change so …

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One Nation Labour is lacking a narrative on foreign policy

Adam Tyndall  |  26 March 2014

In October 2011, I took part in a university debate in support of the motion ‘This house has no confidence in Her Majesty’s government’. The speakers ranged from cabinet ministers to lowly students. Our opponents were united. Labour caused the crash and piled up the debt. The coalition government is fixing that mess in the …

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What to do about Ukraine?

James Denselow  |  25 March 2014

The rather bizarre images coming out of Ukraine highlight the particularities of the conflict. Balaclava-wearing soldiers with no Russian markings on their uniforms dig trenches, lay minefields, rough up United Nations envoys and storm Ukrainian facilities with a few shots being fired in anger right in front of the gathered press. The threat of force …

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The Russia dilemma

Kirsty McNeill and Andrew Small  |  21 March 2014

Britain’s political class did not distinguish itself in its immediate response to the Crimean crisis. A zoom lens outside Downing Street which captured Cabinet Office papers in the hands of an unguarded official seemed to reveal yet more evidence that the protection of the City trumps any other strategic instincts for this government. Labour, meanwhile, …

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Progress in Kurdistan

Gary Kent  |  22 November 2013

Just five years ago, 100,000 Turkish troops were poised on the border with the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Today 200,000 Turkish workers live there as employees of hundreds of Turkish companies that are taking advantage of its booming economy. Last week, the Kurdistan region’s President Barzani made an historic trip to the mainly Kurdish city …

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The intervention dilemma

Kirsty McNeill and Andrew Small  |  17 July 2013

‘We know why we were left to die. Because there are no resources in Rwanda. Only Rwandans.’ The speaker was a Rwandan politician we visited in 2006. A progressive approach to humanitarian intervention must begin with the desire to prove her wrong. If the left’s ideals of equality are to mean anything at all then …

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