foreign policy

Libya and Syria: similar diagnoses, different prescriptions

Stephen Twigg MP  |  2 August 2011

Labour supporters feel a profound sense of solidarity with people across the Arab world struggling for freedom and democracy. We have been appalled by the ongoing attacks on protestors and civilians in Syria and we continue to be deeply concerned by the situation in Libya. Following the expulsion of the remaining Libyan diplomats from the …

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Keeping up with the BRICs

Sam Hardy  |  1 July 2011

Being 'open for business', a European Singapore, is not good enough. The government must work to ensure Britain continues to punch above its weight on the world stage while Labour must encourage relations with the BRICs to be progressive rather than protectionist.

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An English parliament in a federal UK

George Foulkes  |  23 April 2011

With the current blizzard of constitutional legislation, from the referendum on AV to the impending bill on Lords reform, there is one glaring omission which is the one that should be top of the list.

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Ed Miliband keynote speech

Adam Harrison  |  14 January 2011

Ahead of this weekend's Fabian conference, and Ed Miliband's keynote address there, Hopi Sen, Rupa Huq and Sam Townend give their views on what he should use this opportunity to say.

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