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Letter From … Paris

Felicity Slater  |  7 February 2017

Leftwinger Benoît Hamon surprises pundits to win French Socialist candidacy, writes Felicity Slater In another surprise to the commentariat, but confirmation disloyalty is more valued than solutions on the left, Benoît Hamon has beaten outgoing prime minister Manuel Valls in the race to become the Socialist party’s candidate for the French presidency. Hamon sits on …

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Harsh truths for French Socialists

Renaud Thillaye  |  15 December 2015

It has been a good week for François Hollande. On the weekend, a ‘historic’ deal was reached at the Paris climate summit, which earned French diplomacy a lot of praise. On Sunday evening, the final outcome of the French regional elections were much better than expected, with five wins out of 13 new ‘big’ regions, …

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State of emergency

Sally Gimson  |  6 December 2015

The Paris attacks could be a gift to the French far-right Sally Gimson —Christophe and Catherine did not know where their son was on the evening of 13 November until they got a call from his cousin to turn on the television. As it dawned on them that the rock concert he had told them he was …

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Paris has returned to the streets in resilience

Nick Jones  |  18 November 2015

Returning to the Gare de l’Est last night, right at the heart of Paris’ tenth arrondissement, the city seemed notably unchanged from when I left it a little over 72 hours earlier. The streets were not unusually busy for a Monday night, cafe windows were dotted with diners and drinkers, and the familiar Parisian melting-pot …

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In bed with the far-right

Claude Moraes MEP  |  16 June 2014

An unprecedented number of far-right, fascist and openly racist members of the European parliament were elected last month. It presents a major challenge for UK MEPs but a major subtext of these developments has been the huge contrast in the way Labour and Conservative MEPs have reacted to the negotiations which follow the European elections …

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Stop Jobbik

Andrew Gilbert  |  21 January 2014

Jobbik is the largest and most successful fascist party in Europe. It has three out of 22 Hungarian seats in the European parliament and it has 47 seats in the Hungarian parliament. It is virulently antisemitic, anti-Roma and homophobic. It is in alliance with the British National party, Front National and Golden Dawn. Jobbik believes …

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A holding-pattern election?

Alan Donnelly  |  24 October 2013

Ten years ago social democrats were dominant in Europe, in government in 15 countries. By 2009, after the financial crisis came, it was five. This prompted many to ask whether the crisis had killed off European social democracy. Now in power in 10 European countries, the centre-left in Europe is not down and out. But …

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No room for complacency

Sanchia Alasia  |  12 December 2012

The recent Progress series on fighting the far-right has been engaging and thought-provoking. I worked closely alongside my MP Margaret Hodge in the 2010 local and national elections where she triumphantly defeated Nick Griffin bid to become the MP for Barking and I successfully won my council seat from the BNP’s London regional coordinator Robert …

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Waiting in the wings

Michael McTernan  |  27 November 2012

Across Europe, far-right actors and their anti-politics cousins are regrouping, writes Michael McTernan The eurozone crisis has prompted many dark predictions about the impending danger of populist far-right parties gaining significant footholds on Europe’s political map. At the same time, others have maintained that majorities of voters will opt for stability in straitened times, recognising …

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Squaring up to round two

Felicity Slater  |  12 June 2012

With all the hype over François Hollande’s presidential race, you might be forgiven for suffering a dose of French election fatigue. But on Sunday the first round of parliamentary elections put the new president and his project to a crucial test. Their outcome will determine whether Hollande has the parliamentary majority required to get his …

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