Gambling with growth

Kevin Peel  |  11 November 2013

Government planning changes that will make it easier for bookies to move in will damage the growth of our high streets The cat is out of the bag. In an exchange of correspondence (exposed by Labour’s Hilary Benn through an FoI request) between a senior director at Ladbrokes and planning minister Nick Boles, Ladbrokes expressed …

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Stop the ‘crack cocaine of gambling’

Kevin Peel  |  17 May 2013

I was spurred to action when a licensing application was submitted in my ward for what would be the 25th betting shop in Manchester city centre. No longer are betting shops a place to go to put a flutter on the horses or the football. The primary use of these betting shops has fast become …

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Betting on failure

Tom Greatrex MP  |  22 April 2013

Tom Greatrex, Labour and Cooperative MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West, will tonight outline concerns of the negative economic impact of fixed odds betting terminals in betting shops. For those of us who live close to high streets and main streets across the UK, the opening of new betting shops has become a common sight …

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Daytime TV and the targeting of the poor

Jonathan Roberts  |  3 September 2012

I was fortunate enough to be able to take a day’s annual leave last week, in order to catch up on what I will loosely call ‘personal admin’. My planned day of gym-dentist-bank predictably soon became a day of Jeremy Kyle-This Morning-Loose Women. It was then I realised the monster that has been created. I’ve …

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Back to the 1980s?

Paul Richards  |  16 June 2010

As Harriet Harman opposes a government whose policies look set to raise unemployment, she's awarded a 2-1 against the coalition, as Margaret Hodge and Tory MP David Evenett win prizes for best interventions

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