George Bush

Canary in the coal mine

Stephen Bush  |  4 September 2012

If you wanted to watch history being made last week,  then you could have gone anywhere other than the Republican Convention. For all the sound and fury in Florida, nothing that happened there is going to signify anything.  Mitt Romney is not going to be the next president of the United States; not because Osama …

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Who will face Obama? Lessons from history

Andrew Hammond  |  3 January 2012

The 2012 US election season begins on January 3 when Iowa becomes the first state to hold contests to decide who will be the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates in November. While Barack Obama will be renominated as the Democratic contender, the Republican race’s outcome is more uncertain. Most recently, in November and early December, …

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Watching Republicans

Andrew Hammond  |  19 August 2011

A divisive, drawn-out Republican contest to challenge Obama now more likely – and could be good for Obama. The Republican presidential nomination contest was energised on Saturday by Representative Michelle Bachmann’s victory in the Ames straw poll, combined with Texas Governor Rick Perry’s announcement that he would be joining the race.  The unofficial starting whistle …

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Paul Ryan

The thinking Republican

Frank Spring  |  14 July 2011

My previous pieces on Republicans who could shake up the primary if they declared as candidates covered Rick Perry and Sarah Palin; both are illustrative of a challenge that any presidential candidate faces in a crowded primary, which is the need to differentiate from everyone else. The similarity between Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann is …

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Labour’s economic message

Stephen Beer  |  17 December 2010

This has been a week for substantial economic data in the UK. The Christmas break will be the ideal time for Labour to think about its message on the economy. There is some work to do.

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It’s unemployment, stupid

Will Straw and Marcus Roberts  |  7 December 2010

Bill Clinton's immortalised axiom ‘it's the economy, stupid' was more than a sharp soundbite; it was a pithy and aggressive encapsulation of his broader economic attack on George Bush Sr's administration. Bush had been accused of prioritising foreign policy over the issues of middle America: jobs, mortgages and wages. Clinton's phrase framed the debate perfectly.

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Obama’s midterm blues?

  |  3 November 2010

Alex Bigham and Will Straw give their views on yesterday's midterm results. Will losing the House be an unexpected opportunity for Obama, or will it simply make life more difficult for him?

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Camera on the leadership race

Dan Sabbagh  |  15 June 2010

We know now that 2010 was the television election. The five candidates should reach out to lost voters through TV debates, and make sure the debates are the right, relaxed format to boot

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