George Osborne

Angel of the North

Powering ahead

Claire Reynolds  |  2 July 2015

Labour must falter no more on real devolution —One of the few silver linings that follow a defeat as unequivocal as Labour’s in May is the window of opportunity for brutal honesty. No longer obliged to defend every letter of past leaderships, and not yet tied to the narrative of a new leader, now is the chance for brave voices within the …

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Yvette Cooper

‘White flashing constellations of the digital age’

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  29 June 2015

Yvette Cooper claims the party must win back the businesswoman who said Labour ‘broke her heart’ David Cameron ‘has a woman problem,’ Yvette Cooper tells us, and she is determined to give him ‘an even bigger one’ by becoming the first female leader of the Labour party. Her ambition is to challenge him ‘personally’ to try …

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George Osborne Marr 12.04.15

The Last Word … Northern workhouse

Jamie Reed MP  |  26 June 2015

George Osborne’s ‘powerhouse’ meme didn’t last long. Further anticipated cuts to local government – which hurt harder in areas based upon public spending than elsewhere – have been supplemented by cuts and/or delays to strategic rail upgrades. It’s almost as if he never meant the rhetoric at all … 100 weeks … … since the …

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George Osborne PMQs 17.06.15

Two weeks today: Osborne’s trickiest budget

Alex White  |  24 June 2015

For those of us who grew up with a Labour government making a difference to our lives at nearly every step along the way, election defeats and the simple paralysis of opposition feel particularly cruel. The cruelty was not just the realisation that this was a Labour party settling into the natural order of things: …

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50p piece

Tax credits support families

Sally Keeble  |  23 June 2015

By cutting away at tax credits, George Osborne is destroying the prop that kept many middle England families afloat during the recession and faltering recovery. Tax credits – now under threat in Osborne’s £12bn welfare cuts – were Gordon Brown’s great reform operated as a negative income tax, providing tops-ups for families on low income …

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George Osborne PMQs 17.06.15

Failing to show leadership at home or abroad

Sally Gimson  |  17 June 2015

How very ‘George Osborne’ prime minister’s questions was today. He was not bullying and hectoring, but he showed slight misjudgement and displayed a lot of tactical manoeuvres. George Osborne, chancellor of the exchequer, was standing in for David Cameron today who was in Italy.Presumably, this is part of Cameron’s grand tour of Europe.As you will remember …

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Southern England

Labour must win a majority in England

John Denham  |  13 May 2015

By all means debate how we might have fought 2015 better, but let’s not ignore how profoundly the political challenge will have changed by 2020. By the end of this year, ‘English Votes for English Laws’ will give English members of parliament a veto on laws affecting England. Even if Labour mistakenly opposes the change, …

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David Cameron manifesto launch

A lose-lose policy

Paul Brant  |  14 April 2015

If the devil is in the detail, then the new Tory right to buy policy announced today is positively satanic. It is well known that the 1980s policy reduced the amount of social housing, and others will detail how this will do the same. I give few different initial observations on the policy, which I predict …

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Jessica Asato

Letter from … Norwich North

Jessica Asato  |  31 March 2015

I sit writing this after listening to George Osborne’s budget with my new baby girl sleeping nearby. Since I have had a child I worry even more about what the decisions being made today might mean for her in the next 20 or 30 years. Issues which were once a matter of high principle become …

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George Osborne Budget 2015_2 jinged

That was the week that Os

Jamie Reed MP  |  20 March 2015

Nothing drives the alienation of the public from the political process more than when the Westminster lobby and the national media conspires to push an agenda that the public does not like, want or accept. Such an agenda was advertised nationally after this week’s budget as George Osborne’s acolytes emerged from their subterranean pain-dungeons to …

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