George Osborne

Harold Wilson

Dark vistas

Lewis Baston  |  11 November 2014

Next May’s election may resemble that of October 1974, believes Lewis Baston Time is running out for two polling phenomena which many have been expecting to kick in before the next general election. The first expected pattern was that the support for insurgent parties would fade as the choice of governments started to loom larger …

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Why Vote Labour

Six months till the general election

John McTernan  |  7 November 2014

During conference season I chaired a series of fringe meetings held by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy at each of the main party conferences. The topic was how best to achieve regional growth by removing the dead hand of the state. Each meeting provoked a revealing debate. The Labour debate was about …

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Manchester town hall

Yes to ‘Devo-Manc’

Andrew Adonis  |  3 November 2014

The coalition has an especially dismal record in the north of England. The number of young people on the dole for more than a year is up 62 per cent across the north of England, compared to a national increase of 25 per cent. Wages for working people in the north have fallen by even …

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House of Commons

Will they ever stop banging on about Europe?

Angela Eagle MP  |  29 October 2014

I began Business of the House questions by raising the three defeats we inflicted on the government in the House of Lords this week on their plans for judicial review. A brace of ex-Tory cabinet ministers backed our amendments, while a former lord chief justice described the government’s plans to block dissent as an ‘elective …

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George Osborne

Weak tax receipts spell trouble for Labour too

Stephen Beer  |  24 October 2014

The United Kingdom economy looks pretty good compared to other developed economies at the moment. The IMF has forecast we will have the highest growth rate this year. GDP figures out today show the economy grew 0.7 per cent in the third quarter and three per cent over 12 months. Yet we are not seeing …

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Chris Leslie

‘I’m jarring with my colleagues’

Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison  |  1 September 2014

There will be no big spending under Labour, Chris Leslie tells Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison Chris Leslie is an improbable hate figure. With his affable manner and gentle northern accent, he is not obviously one of politics’ bruisers. Yet in June the Observer’s political columnist, Andrew Rawnsley, predicted that if Labour forms the next …

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Ministerial red box

The reshuffle is not important – but it is interesting

Hopi Sen  |  15 July 2014

We don’t like to talk about reshuffle insignificance, because it rather rubs people’s face in it. If Andrea Backbench-Marginal has devoted her entire adult life to the cause, and finally makes it all the way to cabinet, and is glimpsed, modest smile on face, slipping into the Ministerial Prius, it seems a little rude to …

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Scientists for Labour

The science opportunity for Labour

Mike Galsworthy  |  11 July 2014

Labour recently launched its science green paper, with a speech by Liam Byrne, shadow minister for universities and science, and associated articles for the Huffington Post and the LabourList blog. It sets out the Labour view of the state of science in the United Kingdom and calls for input to form Labour’s science policy for the next 15 …

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Peter Mandelson

Present at the creation

Robert Philpot and Richard Angell  |  7 July 2014

Twenty years after Tony Blair’s election as party leader, Peter Mandelson tells Robert Philpot and Richard Angell why winning the centre-ground is more important than ever Peter Mandelson’s autobiography bills him as the ‘third man’ of New Labour, an indispensable part of the modernising triumvirate which, with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, built the foundations of …

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Progress annual conference 2014

Time for hope

Owen Jones  |  29 May 2014

Labour should ignore old labels of ‘left’ and ‘right’, argues Owen Jones. Read also Philip Collins’ response to How does Labour win a mandate for change, the theme of this Saturday’s Progress annual conference Labour should not even be in the running to win a mandate for change in 2015. Oppositions rarely win back power …

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