George Osborne

Lambeth town hall 2

Cameron’s council cuts hypocrisy

Lib Peck  |  19 November 2015

As the leader of a council that has seen its budget cut by 56 per cent since 2010, it was astonishing to see the prime minister criticising his own Conservative council in Oxfordshire for making cuts to services. David Cameron genuinely seems to believe his own propaganda that it is possible to deliver an unprecedented …

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David Cameron

Leaked letter opens the floodgates

Richard Angell  |  13 November 2015

David Cameron has made a pig’s ear of it again. A leaked letter that he is pressuring his local council to resist the worst implications of George Osborne’s cuts is either confirmation that Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-austerity politics is catching on or that the prime minister has no idea what the implications of his own policies …

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George Osborne summer budget 2015

The Osborne deficit

Alison McGovern MP  |  12 November 2015

When George Osborne stands up for the autumn statement on 25 November, remember this figure: £60bn. Why? Because that is his deficit. Not the budget gap caused by the global financial crisis. Not the deficit he says he inherited. That is the Osborne deficit. According to the Office for Budget Responsibility, it is the gap …

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Rab Butler

Rab Butler: The Best Prime Minister We Never Had?

Lewis Baston  |  12 November 2015

George Osborne would probably not appreciate being compared to RA Butler, but reviewing a new biography of ‘Rab’ in current circumstances makes it inevitable. Cynical, clever, elusive, perhaps more cutting and abrasive than he meant to be, from being seen as a rightwinger Butler modernised and repositioned his party in opposition, then took over as …

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Think the housing crisis can’t get worse? Think again

Matthew Bennett  |  11 November 2015

In Lambeth, where I am a councillor, we have over 21,000 people on our waiting list. The average waiting time for a family home for people in high priority is around five to eight years. Private rents have soared and being evicted from a private tenancy is now the number one cause of homelessness in …

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Manchester town hall

Innovative ideas in grim times

Jacqui Smith  |  10 November 2015

Opposition is pretty grim – and five years of it does not make it any easier. Our senior parliamentary representatives have to spend their days responding to other people’s ideas and doing their best to mitigate the worst of Tory proposals. Sometimes a timely and effective parliamentary campaign can slow down the worst impact of …

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George Osborne Marr 12.04.15

An economy of purpose and resilience

Stephen Kinnock MP  |  6 November 2015

Until we win the war of ideas, the policies will fail Labour’s recent travails over the fiscal charter were a ‘Groundhog Day’ moment. Back in July we fell right into George Osborne’s traps around the welfare bill; fast-forward three months and there we were again, disappearing down another hole that had been dug by the chancellor, …

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Labour sticker

The Last Word … Pipes of peace

Jamie Reed MP  |  30 October 2015

Pig sick If I was David Cameron (as a vegetarian I have no interest in pork products of any kind) I’d be getting my sacking list ready. ‘Happy Christmas, you’re fired!’ would be a phrase I rehearsed in the mirror from now until New Year’s Day. First up? Ladies and Gentleman, Chris Grayling MP. ‘Happy …

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David Cameron

Make Labour history

The Progressive  |  28 October 2015

A view from 2020 – how David Cameron and George Osborne systematically destroyed the Labour party It is the year 2020. Five years since the Conservative party’s unexpected victory at the ballot box. Now they sit on a majority of 42. How did they do it? Perhaps the greatest mistake the Labour party ever made was to …

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Heidi Allen

The Last Word … Welcome to Paradise

Jamie Reed MP  |  23 October 2015

It was an extraordinary sight this week to see Tory members of parliament rightly decrying George Osborne and David Cameron’s cuts to tax credits that is going to take an average of £1,300 away from approximately 3 million working families in Britain. Extraordinary because having shed their crocodile tears for the benefit of that all-important …

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