George Osborne

Theresa May Conservative party conference 2015

A speech for Tory heads

Thom Brooks  |  6 October 2015

Today’s Conservative party annual conference was addressed by home secretary Theresa May in a long-anticipated speech on immigration. Many expected this to set out her stall as a potential successor to David Cameron. But what we heard was not very promising. May’s speech had the usual well-rehearsed lines we have been treated to before. One …

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A big Labour local government idea

Theo Blackwell  |  6 October 2015

George Osborne’s major announcement on business rates – pledging localisation of business rates by 2020 – is not an original Tory government idea. Neither is it a Labour opposition idea – we only promised to give back the proceeds of growth. It is a big Labour local government idea that Labour in Westminster should not …

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Jeremy Corbyn

Right first time

Stuart Hudson  |  24 September 2015

Stuart Hudson presents five steps to regaining Labour’s economic credibility Dear Jeremy, It would be churlish not to start with congratulations. After the painful election defeat in May, and all those subsequent exhortations to tack to the centre, the way the leadership campaign unfolded must have felt like a vindication of a leftwing strategy. As you travelled …

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Money house scales inflation

Deflation danger

Sally Keeble  |  21 September 2015

The general gaiety over Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership obliterated discussion of last week’s worrisome inflation figures. They should have been our first line of attack against the Tory government. Zero inflation might be assumed to be a good thing by a generation brought up on horror stories of inflationary spirals. But that is to fight the …

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Labour board Tower Hamlets

Being progressive in a new era

Will Higham  |  16 September 2015

Change in politics is over-predicted and then when it finally comes, overwhelming. The Labour party with its new rules, new members and new leader it is a different beast. The one thing that is the same is the ultimate mission: to form a government that advances progressive aims and makes life better for people. It …

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George Osborne Marr 12.04.15

Osborne’s to lose?

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  1 September 2015

Fixed-term parliaments still create a lot of unknowns in British politics. The royal prerogative, exercised by the sitting prime minister to abolish the legislature and go to the country, was always a double-edged sword for the occupant of No 10. The longer the parliament, the worse the result. Labour governments – not that there have …

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Amber Rudd

Thatcher’s heir

Ben Dilks  |  1 September 2015

Can Amber Rudd be both moderniser and the candidate of the Tory right, asks Ben Dilks George Osborne has of late come into focus as one of the lead contenders for the top job. But rather than simply using his summer ‘emergency budget’ to make a cynical pitch to his party’s backbenchers and grassroots activists – …

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Boris Johnson

A real laugh

Sally Gimson  |  31 August 2015

As mayor of London Boris Johnson has been more Silvio Berlusconi than Julius Caesar, writes Sally Gimson The gods are against Boris Johnson. First, David Cameron led the Tories to an outright victory in the election in May. Then George Osborne made a grab for the centre-ground in the budget, and the crisis in the eurozone avoided …

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George Osborne summer budget 2

Politics first, economics second

Conor Pope  |  29 August 2015

The chancellor is comfortable encroaching on Labour territory, says Conor Pope How many Labour hearts sank at the words ‘national living wage’ in George Osborne’s recent budget? Never mind the economic connotations of the policy; the political ones are brutal for the left. It was so obviously the big moment of the speech, and the …

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David Cameron

Parties at war

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  29 August 2015

‘Now it’s open war’, screamed the Daily Mail headline on 18 June 2015. Not, this time, a comment on the Labour leadership race that was then getting into full swing, but the contest to come on the Treasury benches. The future race to be leader of the Conservative party, a vacancy David Cameron himself pre-announced …

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