George Osborne


Why making work pay is key to balancing our books

Dan Jarvis MP  |  16 December 2014

Today I am leading a debate in parliament – but it is a debate we should have had three weeks ago. On 28 November my Make Work Pay Bill was due to be debated in the House of Commons. It was a bill to give greater powers to the Low Pay Commission and strengthen the …

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King for a day, schmuck for a lifetime

John McTernan  |  12 December 2014

I have said it before, and no doubt I will say it again – George Osborne is too clever by half. And not in a good way. Every time he acts there is an overt political agenda, which is not in itself a bad thing. But there is usually also a hidden agenda or an …

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The chancellor’s mask has slipped

Angela Eagle MP  |  12 December 2014

As I pointed out in business questions this week, the chancellor’s mask has slipped following his autumn statement and his baleful plan for Britain’s future has become clear. He has failed every test and broken every promise he made on the economy. He hoped we would not notice the choice he has made to cut …

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Chuka Umunna and John Rentoul

The party of the mainstream

Gurjinder Dhaliwal  |  10 December 2014

The only poll that will really matter, Chuka Umunna said rightly at last night’s In Conversation With event chaired by John Rentoul, is the way in which people vote on 7 May 2015. With less than six months to go until the general election, the shadow secretary of state for business laid out a convincing …

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David Cameron and Angela Merkel

The Tories are putting jobs and investment at risk

Douglas Alexander MP  |  8 December 2014

It seems commonplace nowadays to claim that Europe will be a big feature of the next election. I do not disagree. But it is not because Nigel Farage says it will be. Or even because David Cameron’s backbenchers want it to be. It will be significant in the next election because of the impact it …

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George Osborne autumn statement 2014

After the autumn statement: What now for the two main parties?

Rich Durber  |  4 December 2014

Both George Osborne and Ed Balls are likely to be satisfied with their performances during the autumn statement yesterday, in what most objective people will see as a score-draw. The chancellor failed to deliver the knockout blow to the opposition that some in Labour’s ranks had feared he might, but neither was he forced into …

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George Osborne

Nation-building, not Lilliputianism

Jamie Reed MP  |  3 December 2014

Today’s autumn statement from George Osborne was another missed opportunity to speak to the majority of people outside of the Westminster bubble. In particular, it failed to address that issue which resonates most strongly of all in those areas called ‘Rustbelt Britain’ by the Economist magazine: the need for nation-building. Both the coalition and the …

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George Osborne

What the autumn statement will not tell you

Sally Keeble  |  3 December 2014

There is a lot that needs fixing within the British economy. But today’s autumn statement will not deal with that. Instead it will be about the Tories’ general election strategy and targeting sweeteners at an ageing electorate in a selected number of seats. The electorate, however, is a lot more canny than the Tories give …

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Flats. Housing. London. Tower blocks.

No message of hope for households on waiting lists

Lesley Brennan  |  3 December 2014

Christmas approaches and images of glowing families in well-presented homes full of anticipation of what Santa will bring surround us. However, the reality is that the coalition government’s autumn statement gave no joy to households that cannot afford to buy and are currently waiting for a social rented property. Census data from 2011 tells us …

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George Osborne Autumn statement 2013

Tory plans are simply unrealistic and political

Stephen Beer  |  1 December 2014

The annual autumn statement this Wednesday is not just about the economy, it is very much a political event. Reports that George Osborne plans to introduce a law requiring the government to balance the budget by the middle of the next parliament illustrate that well. There is no economic justification for this. It is a …

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