George Osborne

Crowd on the Underground

The Productivity Plan – short on measurability

Peter Kyle MP  |  5 February 2016

The business, innovation and skills select committee, which I sit on, has just published its report into George Osborne’s much-hyped Productivity Plan which he unveiled last summer. Unfortunately like so many of the chancellor’s grand announcements, once you look at it in more detail, you find it does not really add up … When I …

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Revitalizing Global Trade: Cameron, Merkel

Britain cannot afford to be complacent

Angela Eagle MP  |  22 January 2016

As David Cameron arrives at Davos this week for the World Economic Forum he should spend less time rubbing shoulders with celebrities at star-studded parties and give the martinis a miss to focus on another cocktail – what George Osborne has himself suddenly described as the ‘cocktail of threats’ facing Britain. Both Cameron and Osborne …

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JobCentre Plus

Labour must expose serious failings behind universal credit

Daniel Crawford  |  11 January 2016

The evolution of universal credit from a radical change in the social contract to a means to reach Tory savings targets has been extraordinary. We were told that this ‘once in a generation scheme’ would make work pay and transform the lives of millions. However, it has been dogged by implementation blunders and a clear …

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George Osborne summer budget 2

The Osborne legacy

Sally Keeble  |  16 December 2015

After hard-up, hard-working families, pensioners are the group that are being hit by George Osborne’s tax changes. It is not obvious: the rhetoric, as for working families, is that the Tories support pensioners who have ‘done the right thing’ all their lives. That they trust them to know how to spend their own money in …

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George Osborne 2 Austumn Statement 15

Cartoon villain

Alison McGovern MP  |  7 December 2015

The real George Osborne has stood up —If you want to really get clarity about this year’s autumn statement, you need to know this: there is actually not one but two George Osbornes in British politics. The first is cartoon Osborne. This is he of the implacable cuts, the surgeon of the British state and …

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George Osborne 2 Austumn Statement 15

A glimpse of an Osborne-led government

Karen Landles  |  30 November 2015

The spending review was a clear pitch for the leadership, a glimpse of how our country with its diverse communities would look under a George Osborne-led government. This was a speech carefully constructed around words of security, both economic and national, of strength, of building up, yet behind the reassurance the reality remains bleak. Whether …

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John McDonnell red book

The Last Word … How many Mao times?

Jamie Reed MP  |  27 November 2015

It’s been an extraordinary few weeks in parliament. Following a week described by my Last Word predecessor John McTernan as ‘Labour’s worst ever’ this week has been similarly difficult. The widely anticipated comprehensive spending review was, as such set piece events so often are, something of an anti-climax. Humiliating and damaging U-turns by George Osborne over …

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George Osborne 3 Austumn Statement 15

The plan to steal Labour clothes

Karin Smyth MP  |  26 November 2015

It may turn out to be a day to tell our grandchildren about. But let’s get beyond the little red book, and whether the chancellor is clever, and focus on the real Tory plan. The plan to steal Labour clothes; to pick up on some of our best ideas – ones that address the priorities …

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George Osborne 2 Austumn Statement 15

‘You’re on your own, mate’

Nick Forbes  |  25 November 2015

The chancellor stood up today with a clear message for all but the richest in our society: ‘You’re on your own, mate’. As has been feared for months now, George Osborne confirmed he will axe completely the revenue support grant which for generations has held together the welfare safety net we have come to depend …

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George Osborne Austumn Statement 15

Labour’s challenge is to propose a genuine alternative

Stephen Beer  |  25 November 2015

The autumn statement represents what happens if you adopt the wrong economic policy for the times we live in. For reasons of misguided economics or political priorities, probably both, the government has committed to more years of spending cuts. Meanwhile, though the economy is currently growing at a reasonable pace (+2.3 per cent over twelve …

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