George Osborne

Osborne at the Mansion House

Ben Fox  |  17 June 2010

The coalition's reforms don't get to the root of the problem: light-touch regulation, which needs more to tackle it than rearranging City deckchairs

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Whose responsibility?

Sally Keeble  |  17 June 2010

The OBR was set up to pre-legitimise deep political cuts. But its figures are based on theories which are more than contestable. Here's how we should challenge them...

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The chancellor and his shadows

Stephen Beer  |  30 March 2010

The Channel 4 debate between the three men who want to be chancellor after the general election contained no fireworks. However, it did give us a sense of how the debate on the economy might pan out during the campaign.

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Osborne age of austerity will hit middle income families

Rachel Reeves MP  |  25 February 2010

Yesterday George Osborne had a chance to silence his critics. His Mais lecture was his opportunity to set out what the Conservatives would do to bring down the budget deficit, and how quickly, and how far, they would reduce government borrowing. But, once again, Osborne ducked the tough questions, leaving the public as much in the dark as before.

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A leap in the dark

Murray Rowlands  |  13 November 2009

The Tory myth of a 'broken society' insults the very people it claims to be speaking for

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