Gerald Kaufman

Keep asking till you get the ‘right answer’

Richard Angell  |  2 October 2015

We need to talk to about what happened with Trident this week at Labour party conference. Before we do, it is worth remembering the reccurring horror show that this debate has long been for Labour. The last time Labour was in the wilderness, its unilateral disarmament stance was cited regularly by voters as a reason …

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One hundred per cent of nothing

Paul Farrelly MP  |  26 September 2015

What Hammer of the Left can tell us now John Golding, employment minister in James Callaghan’s government and my predecessor-but-one, died all too prematurely, aged just 67. His funeral took place on the day my eldest was born, so I paid my last respects by writing John’s obituary for the Guardian and publishing, posthumously, his …

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How to be a Minister

Jacqui Smith  |  18 September 2014

I have owned three copies of Gerald Kaufman MP’s original version of How to be a Minister. I still have two – perhaps the third was flung from a ministerial window when it failed to prevent some disaster or other. The point is, of course, that no book can ever completely prepare you for ministerial …

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Books for the beach

The Progressive  |  23 July 2014

What Labour MPs should be reading this summer Along with their selections for Desert Island Discs, politicians’ declared choices of holiday reading are usually concocted to curry favour with the voters. Margaret Thatcher once claimed her choice of poolside reading was ‘the latest Jeffrey Archer’, when in reality it was more likely to be Friedrich …

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Premier events

Adam Harrison  |  12 June 2014

Each year the centre-left thinktank Policy Network holds its Progressive Governance conference, which habitually attracts prime ministers, former leaders and senior social democratic politicians from across the globe. There has never been a rightwing counterpart but this month’s Margaret Thatcher Conference on Liberty, organised by the Centre for Policy Studies, looks set to be it. …

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Making family-friendly working work

Sally Gimson  |  26 April 2013

It is very brave of Gerald Kaufman to dismiss so airily family-friendly hours in parliament in his interview published on ProgressOnline. As one of the oldest sitting MPs he can at least compare what it is like today to previous times. But it’s difficult to defend his position, and I have no nostalgia for a …

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From Heath to Cameron

Andrew Bettridge  |  26 April 2013

In June, Gerald Kaufman – the second oldest member of the House of Commons – will have been a MP for 43 years, longer than many elected at the last general election have been alive. He has, he tells me as we settle into his Westminster office, no intention of standing down any time soon. …

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The New Machiavelli. Or, How to be an adviser?

Blair McDougall  |  2 November 2010

Jonathan Powell's new book about his experiences as chief of staff to Tony Blair is an attempt to dispel myths and misunderstandings. On one level, Powell wants to champion Machiavelli's misunderstood teachings through the prism of recent political history...

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