More detail, less rhetoric, is needed on industrial policy

Peter Kyle MP  |  8 November 2017

Brexit or not, it is overdue that Britain has a more Germanic economic model – and the political consensus behind it, argues Peter Kyle  If Angela Merkel had lost the recent German election a lot would have changed. But every business in Germany knows one thing that would not: the country’s industrial strategy. Inward investment …

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Letter from … Berlin

Simon Vaut  |  4 September 2017

SPD candidate Martin Schulz made two disastrous errors when launching his candidacy, finds Simon Vaut Martin Schulz achieved something the German Social Democrats have not seen in a long time: a unified party. The delegates voted unanimously at the SPD party convention for him as party leader and to challenge chancellor Angela Merkel, as well …

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Whatever happened to Martin Schulz?

William Bain  |  14 July 2017

The SPD leader’s rise in the German polls gave hope to the chance of a revival for social democracy across Europe. So what happened? William Bain takes a look A veteran parliamentarian takes over the leadership of the main centre-left party, and with a message of hope and change oversees a poll boost of nearly …

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Will Macron bring Britain back into the EU?

Alan Lockey  |  10 May 2017

Emmanuel Macron is determined to reform the European Union – if he succeeds he might pave Britain’s way back in, argues Alan Lockey The symbolism was inescapable. As the masses thronged in the courtyard of the Palais du Louve, the tenth president of the Fifth Republic strode out to meet them backed by a cacophonous …

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Solving Britain’s productivity crisis

Chris Carter  |  22 March 2017

A high-efficiency, high-wage economy is needed to take on the economic challenges our country faces post-Brexit, writes Chris Carter It is always a challenge getting people interested in inflation figures. The collective eye-glazing of new economic statistics are palpable for any writer or armchair economist’s audience. Yet it is with this in mind the latest inflation figures are perhaps …

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The Schulz effect

Florian Ranft  |  20 March 2017

The energetic start that Martin Schulz has made to his campaign for the chancellorship is a marked contrast to Angela Merkel’s managerial style, argues Florian Ranft It has been a near sensation for social democrats to follow Germany’s public opinion polls recently. After years of being stuck in the 20-and-a-few-per-cent-trap, Martin Schulz’s nomination lifted the …

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A movement without motion

Gabriel Gavin  |  16 February 2017

The agonising descent of Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is a symptom of the party’s lack of ideas, argues Gabriel Gavin Last week’s rumours of Jeremy Corbyn’s political demise now seem to have been greatly exaggerated. For some, the inevitable departure of the worst leader of the opposition in living memory is a cure-all for Labour’s ailments. …

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Siege economics

Greg Rosen  |  3 February 2017

Socialist protectionism is as unattractive now as in the 1970s After Labour’s 1970 election defeat, Tony Benn convinced himself that he could succeed next time where last time he and his colleagues had failed. Benn’s ‘alternative economic strategy’ envisaged import controls (quotas or tariffs on manufactured goods); rationing and allocation of certain imports and of …

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Gauging the mood in Europe

Dina Pardijs  |  30 January 2017

The European Union 27 are more likely to be be looking fearfully towards Russia than sadly towards Britain, writes Dina Pardijs  Following the British debate on Brexit could give one the impression that the negotiations on a European Union deal are between different parts of the British government, which just needs to decide internally what they …

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The European project will go on

Ivana Bartoletti  |  16 January 2017

Labour’s sister parties are prepared to place European Union unity over the interests of the UK, argues Ivana Bartoletti ‘Nothing is forever,’ Willy Brandt once said. At the Social Democratic party conference in Berlin, that was the quote chosen by Sigmar Gabriel, the party leader and candidate against Angela Merkel, to highlight how Brexit offers the …

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