Gisela Stuart

‘In the long run it’s the best decision’

Adam Harrison and Richard Angell  |  12 July 2016

The current hysteria will pass, Gisela Stuart assures Richard Angell and Adam Harrison One of only a handful of figures on the left to back a Brexit vote in last month’s referendum, Gisela Stuart can hardly be accused of being the type to mince her words. But, unlike many of her campaign counterparts, she seems reluctant …

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Time to build a plan ahead of the onslaught

Jacqui Smith  |  24 June 2016

Through bitter and angry tears at 4.30am this morning, my overriding feeling was that I had let my children down. Parents of teenagers often know what this feels like, but today I realise I have let everyone else’s children down too. One of the reasons for the Leave vote is a feeling of immense alienation …

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Winning back economic credibility

Rowan Ree  |  8 June 2015

Never again can Labour go into an election so distrusted on managing public finances. As leadership candidates discuss rebuilding our economic credibility, another election could have just as big an impact on voters learning to trust us with their money again. Old ideas of Labour as a big tax and spending party have come back …

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We need to listen to both winning and losing candidates

Jacqui Smith  |  11 May 2015

I joined the Labour party in late 1979 and had to wait another 18 years until we were in government. And I lost my seat in 2010 so I know what it is like to be on the rough end of our democratic system. I frankly have not got time now to wait another 13 …

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Taking on the Tories

Gisela Stuart MP  |  16 July 2014

Gisela Stuart reveals seven steps to electoral success Supermarkets complain that consumers no longer feel loyalty towards the brand. When they offer ‘three for the price of two’ shoppers still feel cheated. And if they want to buy cheap they do not go to the ‘own brand, value for money’ section, they head for the …

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Is Cable alive to cities?

Adam Harrison  |  16 February 2014

Vince Cable reprised his now-familiar Jeremiah act at the end of last year, lamenting that London ‘is sucking the life out of the rest of the country’ as he reiterated his opposition to a third runway at Heathrow airport near his Twickenham constituency. The virtual inevitability of the third runway aside, his negative tone stood …

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The new ‘peasants’ revolt’

Gisela Stuart MP  |  8 January 2014

Cities don’t reflect the national economy – they are the national economy. If they perform badly, then rural areas and the rest of country are likely to underperform as well. Cuts to services are rightly grabbing the headlines, but it’s the overall trajectory of the shift of funding from urban to rural which should worry …

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City selectors

Richard Angell  |  4 April 2012

Candidates for city mayors face a breakneck selection process While the people of London are choosing whether they want to return Ken Livingstone or Boris Johnson to City Hall, the citizens of 10 of the country’s biggest cities outside the capital will be deciding if they too want to have a directly elected mayor. As …

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One month to change our cities

Alex Burrows  |  4 April 2012

In exactly one month’s time on Friday 4 May I will be up early to spend the day with my fellow ‘Yes to Birmingham Mayor’ campaigners waiting for the votes to be counted in the Birmingham mayoral referendum.  This is a historic vote for England’s second city and indeed the other major English cities who …

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Dates for your diary

Progress  |  1 March 2012

WESTMINSTER SERIES 13 MARCH: A NEW PUBLIC REALM: HOW SHOULD PROGRESSIVES REFORM THE PUBLIC SECTOR? Grimond Room, Portcullis House, HoC, 6pm Andy Burnham MP, shadow secretary of state for health; Andrew Adonis, Progress; Cathy Warwick, Royal College of Midwives; Ben Lucas, 2020 Public Services Trust; Florence Nosegbe (c), Lambeth cabinet member 27 MARCH: A NEW …

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