The Alternative: Towards a New Progressive Politics

Maya Goodfellow and Patrick Diamond  |  26 August 2016

The Alternative: Towards a New Progressive Politics Patrick Diamond and Maya Goodfellow each enjoy a new collection of essays from across the left – but questions around economic competence and the meaning of ‘progressive’ remain   The Alternative: Towards a New Progressive Politics Lisa Nandy MP, Caroline Lucas MP and Chris Bowers (Eds) BiteBack Publishing | £12.99 | …

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The contest to watch

Lewis Baston  |  13 October 2015

After all the strange events of this political summer, the minds of the party strategists, commentators and pollsters are starting to focus on the large batch of elections that are taking place on 5 May 2016 in every part of the United Kingdom, one of only two sets of midterm elections with complete coverage (barring …

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Welcome to Brighton!

Warren Morgan  |  25 September 2015

My good friend Peter Kyle will welcome you to Brighton and Hove this weekend; it is a privilege to work with him leading and representing the city that hosts the Labour party conference. Those familiar with our city will immediately notice one big change: a 160-metre tall tower on the promenade outside the Hilton Metropole. …

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The German left: still lost in the post-Wall wilderness

Sally Gimson  |  8 November 2014

The left in Germany is still haunted by the fall of the Berlin Wall. The latest angst has been over a regional election in Thuringia. It looks like the Left party – which won – will go into coalition with the Social Democrats and the Greens. That would make the minister president of the region …

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Germany: a united country, a divided left

Jack Tunmore  |  8 November 2014

In the summer of 1951 an 11-year-old East German boy returned home to find that his father had disappeared without a trace. Two years later it transpired that he had been taken to a Siberian Gulag, and it was only in 1955 after four years of torture and near-starvation that he was released. The boy …

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Brand new

Stephen Bush  |  5 November 2014

Labour is still to win over disgruntled voters It is badly written, overlong and unforgivably woolly. How seriously should politicians take Russell Brand’s Revolution? Very. ‘Are you happy with things the way they are?’ he asks. ‘Do you believe that things could change?’ What do we know about the next election? Not much, beyond the fact …

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Greens in turmoil

Warren Morgan  |  5 September 2014

With just only nine months to go until the local elections things are beginning to look very bad indeed for the Green party’s minority administration in Brighton and Hove. Its leader Jason Kitcat – the only Green council leader in the UK – has announced he will stand down next May, leaving him and his …

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Green with envy

Ben Dilks  |  5 September 2014

What Natalie Bennett could learn from the European far-left The Green party has opted to jump the gun somewhat this year and schedule its conference two weeks ahead of the major parties – a strategy in stark contrast to that of the United Kingdom Independence party, which is provocatively squeezing its own event into the …

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What’s going on in Bristol West?

Thangam Debbonaire MP  |  9 June 2014

Bristol West is 105 on the 106 key seat list, seat 39 in the Frontline 40 of seats that will comprise Labour’s majority. It has its challenges: First, hills – We have got lots. I can get across the whole constituency in 40 minutes by bicycle, a mere 15 on the way back. My calves are …

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Ukip and the Greens – snog, marry, avoid?

Mark Rusling  |  4 June 2014

Reading the media coverage of the 2014 elections, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that there were two sets of votes – local and European. The United Kingdom Independence party won the European elections hands down, but the locals presented a slightly more hopeful picture. Labour gained 338 seats and now has more councillors than the …

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