The comeback Ed

Lewis Baston  |  9 May 2012

The local elections of 2012 were a considerable success for Labour, and – without lapsing into complacency or triumphalism – Ed Miliband can take a little time to savour that success. The number of seats and councils gained was above the upper end of respectable published forecasts, despite some desperate Conservative attempts to claim otherwise. …

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Could UKIP help Labour?

Luke Akehurst  |  19 April 2012

The rise of UKIP to nine per cent and third place in the opinion polls ahead of the Lib Dems in the opinion polls for the first time this week took me by surprise. Like most people on the left I spend more time thinking about my own party’s problems and how to solve them …

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Putting the red back into Redhill

Rhys Williams  |  30 January 2012

It will come as no great surprise to many that the town of Redhill, a conurbation of 60,000 people located in deepest Surrey and connected to the stockbroker town of Reigate, has no elected Labour councillors at present. Certainly if parliamentary election results are anything to go by – after all, the people of Surrey …

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Who will be next president of France?

Denis MacShane MP  |  3 January 2012

Who will be the next president of France? The election over two Sundays in April and May this year will decide the future not just of France but of Europe. The French president remains the most powerful chief of any democratic state if he also commands a majority in the National Assembly. While Ms Merkel …

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Eurozone: The view from Berlin

Jack Tunmore  |  1 November 2011

Last Wednesday, before the EU summit, Angela Merkel asked the Bundestag to fulfil its ‘historic duty’ and support her euro bailout plans. They duly complied, with 503 of 596 votes in favour. There were in fact more votes against the resolution from Merkel’s own party than from the two main opposition parties – the Greens …

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Heads over hearts

The French Socialists’ choice of the centrist François Hollande shows a new seriousness about winning next year’s presidential election, say Michael McTernan and Antoine Colombani Since 1988, when François Mitterrand was re-elected, the Parti Socialiste has failed in three successive presidential elections and in three general elections, with the notable exception of 1997 when it …

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How to combat the Green peril

Carina O'Reilly  |  14 October 2011

With the collapse of the Liberal Democrat vote it is tempting for Labour party campaigners in areas where they’ve long been strong to sit back and wait for council seats to fall. And to an extent this is effective – recent polling from YouGov suggests that more than a third of those who voted Liberal …

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Pirates storm Berlin city hall

Jack Tunmore  |  30 September 2011

The red-red coalition in Berlin is well and truly vorbei. While the SPD still returned the strongest percentage of the vote – albeit slightly reduced – the left party die Linke had a disappointing result, meaning that they are no longer viable coalition partners in the local government. The CDU – Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party …

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Green haze

Luke Akehurst and Linda Smith  |  22 September 2011

Labour can and must resist further advances by the Greens. Luke Akehurst and Linda Smith outline how With this year’s AV referendum indicating that the UK will retain First Past the Post for parliamentary elections for the foreseeable future, there is – barring an environmental catastrophe – no realistic chance of the Green party becoming a …

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NEC Report – September 2011

Luke Akehurst  |  21 September 2011

The Labour Party National Executive Committee met on 20 September for its pre-Annual Conference meeting. There had been speculation about a big bust-up between the leadership and the unions about the Refounding Labour structural changes, but this did not materialise. Instead there was a broad consensus around the bulk of the proposals, with one or …

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