No parity

Joanne Harding  |  10 October 2017

The government’s empty words on mental health resources are being exposed, explains Joanne Harding As a mental health professional, I support people in crisis every day. As a local councillor and health scrutiny chair, I have read countless strategies outlining the vision and commitment to achieving the holy grail of parity of esteem between physical and …

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The radical Welsh health tradition

Rebecca Evans AM  |  13 July 2017

Wales is once again at the forefront of new thinking for improving public health, says Rebecca Evans AM  Wales has a long and proud history of taking radical action to protect the nation’s public health. The Public Health (Wales) Act, which received royal assent this month, is the latest example of how we can – and …

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Seeking a social care consensus

Caroline Flint MP  |  9 March 2017

Labour will enhance, not damage, its position, by seeking a consensus on social care funding – Read Caroline Flint’s speech at Progress’ cross-party social care event Thank you Progress for hosting this timely and important discussion. It is now over a year since I and Liz Kendall started working with Norman to advance the argument …

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Putting the patient first

Joanne Harding  |  23 February 2017

Sustainability and transformation plans require robust scrutiny, but it would be a mistake for Labour not to engage with them in pursuit of greater community-based services, writes Joanne Harding  With the National Health Service in crisis and a £30bn funding gap by 2020, it is clear that we cannot go on like this. To remedy this, NHS …

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Bold thinking on healthcare

Joanne Harding  |  23 February 2017

Labour needs a healthcare offer that focuses as much on tackling the great public health challenges of the day as it does keeping accident and emergency units open, argues Joanne Harding I went with a very open mind to Loughborough back in November as the Labour Party National Policy Forum was resurrected. What I will …

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What future for the EMA?

Daniel Zeichner  |  14 October 2016

It is probably fair to say that few people were thinking about medicines regulation or drugs pricing when they cast their vote on 23 June – regardless of whether they voted to Leave or Remain. The infamous £350m for the National Health Service certainly influenced many, but the genuine consequence of leaving the European Union …

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Arrogant and misguided

Martin Edobor  |  7 October 2016

Much of the rhetoric of this week’s the Conservative party conference speeches deployed immigration as a scapegoat. At times it was not quite clear whether one was watching a the United Kingdom Independence party conference rather than a Tory one. Nowhere was this more evident than in the government’s approach to the National Health Service. …

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Protecting the frontline

Karin Smyth MP  |  5 October 2016

Pressures on health funding mean the future shape of the National Health Service is under scrutiny like never before. As they face stark choices in the weeks ahead the government would be well-advised to remember that, whether they are located in urban high streets or village squares, pharmacists have long been patients’ chosen first source …

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Protecting community pharmacy

Jonathan McShane  |  25 September 2016

Our National Health Service is not short of challenges but there is a danger that by looking for short term fixes, more radical approaches that could deliver real benefits are ignored. The government’s approach to community pharmacy is a case in point. It is not just that pharmacy cuts could take out key parts of the …

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Labour must lead to save the NHS

Christabel Cooper  |  26 April 2016

This week, emergency wards in England will be empty of junior doctors for the first time since the creation of the NHS. This is the sorry endgame to the dispute between the British Medical Association and health secretary Jeremy Hunt over the imposition of a new contract on junior doctors. Public opinion has (so far) …

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