higher education

More than just pay

Robbie Young  |  12 December 2017

Astronomic vice-chancellor pay is indicative of wider inequality – but we cannot let it dominate and distract us from other issues in higher education, argues the NUS’s Robbie Young Many people have been, quite rightly, outraged by the current news headlines around vice-chancellor pay at both Bath and Bath Spa universities, but for those of …

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Offering solutions

June Sarpong  |  2 November 2017

Just as the UN has its sustainable development goals, the UK needs its own diversity inclusion goals, writes June Sarpong At long last, it seems that diversity – or, more importantly, the lack of diversity throughout British society – has become an issue for political debate. Recent reports have begun to highlight the true extent of …

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Parallel classrooms

Ralph Scott  |  4 May 2017

English education reinforces social segregation – but it does not have to, writes Ralph Scott Last year’s referendum on membership of the European Union united the country in one way: it created a new consensus that our country is dangerously divided. It did not take much polling analysis to see that the country was split …

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The government must step up on part-time learning

Ann Limb  |  29 September 2015

My first career was in further education when I made my way from part-time lecturer to FE college principal through the decade covering the mid-1970s to mid-1980s. During this time I worked and studied – earned and learned. Firstly I completed my FE teacher training certificate part-time at Nottingham Trent university then went on to …

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The earn and learn revolution

Peter Horrocks  |  24 September 2015

In the current economic climate, the necessity to address the skills shortage and maximise the productivity rates of UK plc is agreed by all. What is not always front of mind, however, is the significant contribution that part-time higher education study can make in delivering it – for the benefit of employers, employees, wider society …

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Do not be young

Gareth Smith  |  9 July 2015

There was a clear, simple and overriding message delivered by George Osborne from the dispatch box yesterday; do not be young. Do not be young and try and get a university education, unless you’re prepared to go it alone. Do not be young and try to enter the workplace, unless you accept that you do …

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Time to rally round FE like never before

Joe Vinson  |  25 June 2015

Politicians across the divide can be accused of using education as a political football, and as the new report from the Gatsby Foundation shows, this government is no different. Obsessed with media headlines and sycophantic applause from some sector organisations, politicians for too long have chased after the university headlines they so desperately crave, and …

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EU vote is about what kind of country we want to be

Giampi Alhadeff and Rachel Franklin  |  15 May 2015

As the harsh reality of last week’s events begin to sink in a period of soul-searching begins. The temptation is to glance inwards and dwell on where we went wrong, the personalities that will shape the future course of the Labour party and how best to pick ourselves back up, and deal with the five …

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A future built on rock not sand

Liam Byrne MP  |  2 March 2015

Few have described the challenge of the future as well as Britain’s Royal Society: ‘unless we grow smarter’, says the society ‘we will grow poorer’. And that is why we need to fix the broken finances of our nation’s universities. As the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development warned last week, Britain faces chronic gaps …

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Lowering student fees will restore the promise of Britain

Tom Bewick  |  27 February 2015

Ed Miliband’s announcement committing a future Labour government to cutting university tuition fees by a third is a game changer in this election. Vice-chancellors will no doubt shout loudly about a funding shortfall. Yet they personally have been cocooned from the great recession, as the inflation busting double-digit pay increases awarded to them over the …

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