human rights

No objections

Cherie Blair and Claire Kerschensteiner  |  13 March 2017

The human rights of British citizens post-Brexit are on a shaky footing, write Cherie Blair and Claire Kerschensteiner The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. Upon departure, the government will no longer have to comply with the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the human rights treaty of the EU. Currently, violations of these rights, like other provisions …

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A nation in need of reconciliation

Gareth Thomas MP  |  8 November 2016

I am privileged to represent a significant number of Sri Lankan Muslim, Sinhalese and Tamil constituents who often tell me that Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Having been fortunate to visit the island twice, I know this to be true, yet it has one of the ugliest of …

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British bill of wrongs

Bilal Mahmood  |  23 August 2016

Liz Truss continues the legacy of Conservative justice secretaries pledging to scrap the Human Rights Act that contains the European Convention of Human Rights for a British Bill of Rights. A combination of a lack of political will and just being a bad idea shows yet again that this policy is a solution in search …

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Saving the Human Rights Act and our EU membership

Tom McNeil  |  29 June 2016

The mood among many people I know was dark on the day we realised the country had voted to Leave the European Union. I knew of some who were celebrating as well, but I do not think they will be for long. Despite the mainstream narrative that the Remain campaigns were unduly scaremongering, the results …

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Progress on human rights is under threat

Andy Slaughter MP and Diana Johnson MP  |  10 December 2015

Today, 10 December is the international day of human rights. It marks the genesis of our modern international human rights framework.  The day in 1948 that the United Nations general assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Two years later, the assembly passed resolution 423 which asked all member states to mark December 10 …

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The struggle continues

Roger Berry  |  9 November 2015

Many of us have just celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act. Not because it was a great piece of legislation – it wasn’t. But it was a major achievement for disabled people in the long campaign for equal rights. The disability charity Scope has been celebrating the disabled civil rights campaigners without …

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Equality for all

Stephen Twigg MP  |  29 October 2015

We must not forget the equalities legislation passed under the Labour government, writes Stephen Twigg One of the finest achievements of the last Labour government was comprehensive legislation to tackle discrimination, promote equality and protect human rights. However, after September 11 the world became more challenging and the focus shifted markedly from liberty to security. …

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Business with China at any cost?

Noah Sin  |  20 October 2015

This week, President Xi Jinping of China will land in Heathrow, where he will be greeted by David Cameron and the prime minister’s signature ‘salesman-like’ smile. This will be the same prime minister who just a year ago said ‘we should stand up for… the important freedoms jointly guaranteed’ by Britain and China in Hong Kong, as …

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Making a success of the SDGs

Stephen Twigg MP  |  2 October 2015

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights was born out of the aftermath of the second world war. For years, work on human rights focused primarily on civil and political rights while development policy gave priority to economic and social rights. Increasingly the two are closely intertwined. This is reflected well in the new …

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Britain must be a global leader against capital punishment

Samantha Jury-Dada  |  7 August 2015

This week, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office revised its global human rights goals. It dropped priorities including the abolition of the death penalty, in favour of three broad areas: democratic values, human rights and the rule of law. For most people, this change in priorities will not affect them. In fact, most people will not …

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