Iain Duncan Smith

The Last Word: IDS out

Richard Angell  |  7 July 2017

Turning Chingford and Woodford Green red, Pride in London and the tragic cost of a Tory government – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word Something is happening in north-east London. The area is going Labour. Wes Streeting won the 5,000-Tory majority seat of Ilford North in 2015 with the slimmest majorities. In …

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The heroism of public service

Richard Angell  |  23 March 2017

Terrorism has failed to stop our MPs and our democracy – we must use this moment to help us value both again, writes Progress director Richard Angell ‘Today was an effort to stop our democracy on its tracks’, was how Laura Kuenssberg ended her reporting of the Westminster terror attack last night. Today parliament meets as an …

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Dancing round the May poll

The Progressive  |  8 April 2016

Iain Duncan Smith was able to make election gains against the government; Labour should be able to expect Jeremy Corbyn to do so The point of playing down your prospects in an election is to make your success seem all the more noteworthy. It also makes political leaders seem humble, taking nothing for granted. No one likes …

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The March megashambles

Seema Malhotra MP  |  31 March 2016

We need prosperity that is fairly shared You might have thought George Osborne would have learned a lesson from his 2012 omnishambles budget. Not a bit of it. He surpassed himself with a megashambles. No budget has unravelled as quickly and as comprehensively as this one did. Within a couple of days its main revenue-raising …

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Play the ball, not the man

Christabel Cooper  |  24 March 2016

George Osborne has sometimes seemed like a cartoon villain, whose Machiavellian cleverness has thwarted Labour at every turn. Within weeks of the 2010 election, he had set about the construction of a giant trap – propagating the narrative that all his public spending cuts were absolutely necessary to fix the mess that Labour had left …

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Things fall apart

Alex White  |  21 March 2016

Last Monday must have been quieter for George Osborne, a few days ahead of a play-it-safe budget. No rabbits to hide in hats, an extra mark on his report as prime minister in waiting, and Westminster insiders were even gossiping about the rumour that he was plotting an early general election. How quickly things fall …

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Why was the budget so unpopular?

Reema Patel  |  21 March 2016

The resignation of Iain Duncan Smith from the work and pensions brief followed national media coverage of a very poorly received budget, reflected in YouGov polling, and seeing the Conservatives slip behind Labour for the first time in months. What is interesting is that not only was this budget unpopular, it was, according to the …

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Labour must expose serious failings behind universal credit

Daniel Crawford  |  11 January 2016

The evolution of universal credit from a radical change in the social contract to a means to reach Tory savings targets has been extraordinary. We were told that this ‘once in a generation scheme’ would make work pay and transform the lives of millions. However, it has been dogged by implementation blunders and a clear …

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British Liberal Leaders

Roger Liddle  |  16 October 2015

This book is the third in an impressive series on political leadership in Britain’s mainstream parties which we owe to an imaginative initiative of Charles Clarke’s. Though the books make good reading for anyone interested in politics, this sustained reflection by historians, political scientists and practising politicians is particularly timely for Labour as the party …

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Exposing Iain Duncan Smith’s mess

Daniel Crawford  |  15 October 2015

It is perhaps no surprise given the number of alternative political stories on offer as parliament returned from the conference recess this week that another failure in the government’s universal credit rollout passed almost unnoticed. The scheme has been beset by problems since its inception, so the news that there has been a 11 per …

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