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The Last Word: May is promising what she cannot deliver

Richard Angell  |  12 May 2017

Immigration pledges, manifesto matters and and Momentum’s marginals – Richard Angell has the last word on the week’s news Drop the migration pledge David Cameron is known for throwing red meat to his backbenchers. Time and again he put party management before the country. The referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union being the …

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Let’s talk about it: A national conversation on immigration

Jill Rutter  |  26 August 2016

New net migration statistics just published will have offered little reassurance to those voters in the United Kingdom who list immigration alongside the NHS and the economy as their top concerns. There is little public trust in the ability of the government to manage migration in a way that works for everyone in Britain, with …

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Cameron’s continuing failure on immigration

Thom Brooks  |  29 February 2016

With the European Union referendum on 23 June fast approaching, today’s migration statistics will cause more headaches for the government. First, the good news for David Cameron. The latest figures show net migration fell. Cameron’s problem is it was by the smallest of numerical hairs – down 13,000 to 323,000 from its high of 336,000 …

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‘Take our country back’? I’d rather take it forward

Pat McFadden MP  |  21 May 2014

However many votes the United Kingdom Independence party win in tomorrow’s European elections, what Britain has witnessed in the past few weeks is a battle between the future and the past. The reason many politicians and journalists have struggled to characterise Ukip and understand its appeal is because it is not just another political party. …

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Immigration: The crude cap problem

Jacqui Smith  |  3 March 2014

This week’s thought is ‘inspired’ by Nigel Farage and Liam Fox. Inspired in the way that a nasty smell might force you to clean out your drains, but nevertheless you’ll see what I mean. This weekend, Fox argued in a Sunday Telegraph interview that the Tories should stop focussing on what he called the ‘statistical …

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Campaign for a Labour Majority: Is Labour right on immigration?

  |  12 February 2014

Campaign for a Labour Majority: Is Labour right on immigration? 6-7.30pm, 12 February 2014 Committee room 9, House of Commons David Hanson MP Shadow immigration minister Diane Abbott MP Hackney North and Stoke Newington Jonathan Portes Director, National Institute of Economic and Social Research Nick Pecorelli Associate director, The Campaign Company Zoe Tyndall Research lead, BritainThinks Chair: Polly Billington PPC …

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Keep it simple

Mark Rusling  |  1 November 2013

Those of us who knock on doors or watch lower league football often hear the same complaint: don’t complicate things; keep it simple! Whether it is the delights of watching York City or the difficulties of explaining policy on a Walthamstow doorstep, things are better when they are simple. That is certainly the case when …

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Welcome a government U-turn on student visas

Paul Blomfield MP  |  3 September 2012

Whatever has happened at London Metropolitan University, the Home Office decision to withdraw its licence to teach international students and to threaten ‘bona fide’ students with deportation is as disturbing as it is disproportionate. It is an appalling breach of trust with those students who have already spent tens of thousands of pounds on their …

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Immigration: the hard slog

David Green  |  25 June 2012

When asked in 2010 to name the three groups Labour was closest to, people polled by YouGov named trade unions, benefits claimants and immigrants. Ed Miliband’s speech on Friday was a clear and brave attempt to address those voters concerned about immigration and the belief that Labour is still not aligned with the public’s views …

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Tories struggling on immigration

Jacqui Smith  |  27 February 2012

The Tories are more trusted on the issue of immigration than Labour. But then it’s so much easier to be tough on our borders in opposition. Last week the complicated reality of getting immigration right began to severely tarnish the Tories’ reputation. Home secretary Theresa May had to report to parliament on the summer’s border …

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