Institute for Fiscal Studies

Use it or lose it?

Bex Bailey  |  24 August 2016

The Institute for Fiscal Studies yesterday published a report showing that the 18 per cent gender pay gap steadily worsens once women have children. Alongside better quality part-time jobs, affordable childcare, a living wage and equal pay audits, greater uptake of shared parental leave from fathers would go a long way to closing the gap. …

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London’s (not) earning

Fiona Twycross AM  |  7 August 2015

Sending the strongest signal yet that the he is intent on targeting the poorest in our society, George Osborne used last month’s summer budget to announce a real-terms cut to tax credits. It was a move which will see millions of working people, already struggling to get by on low wages, unable to escape the …

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We can do so much better on child poverty

Alison Garnham  |  25 June 2015

‘A strong society means moving forward together, no one left behind, fighting relative poverty a central policy goal.’ Well, Child Poverty Action Group would say that, wouldn’t they? In fact, these are the words of David Cameron, less than a decade ago, a day on which he also proclaimed: ‘I want this message to go …

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A budget departed from reality

Stephen Beer  |  19 March 2015

The last budget of the coalition did not substantially change the economic policy debate ahead of the election. It did provide yet another example of how that debate departs from reality. The budget avoided addressing the key challenges for the British economy. It was ultimately therefore a depressing statement which underlined the lack of faith …

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The poor still bear the brunt of government cuts

Stephen Houghton  |  9 March 2015

Did you ever see the comedy show Little Britain and the famous sketch ‘the computer says no?’ No matter how many questions someone asks the receptionist they always get the same answer. It is a funny sketch. And the government’s approach to austerity has taken the same path. No matter how much evidence is produced …

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Tories’ tax cut black hole

Stephen Beer  |  6 January 2015

The new year has begun with a political battle about spending. Labour focused on the deteriorating state of the NHS under this government, highlighting its pledge to inject extra funding to recruit more frontline staff. It was no surprise that the Conservatives focused on the economy and fiscal policy, claiming Labour had made a series …

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Credibility deficit

Jonathan Todd  |  14 March 2014

Ed Balls has chosen to take a different approach to spending to that adopted by Labour prior to 1997. He is right to do so, says Jonathan Todd From the bully pulpit of the Treasury, George Osborne is convinced that he can have the deficit dominate the next parliament as it has dominated this – …

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Breaking the silence

Robert Philpot  |  7 February 2014

Since its defeat in 2010, public service reform has been the black hole in Labour’s internal debate. Next week, at last, we can expect some colour, with Ed Miliband’s first major speech on the subject, Jon Cruddas entering the fray, and Liz Kendall launching the IPPR’s report on the ‘relational state’. Over the past three …

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Getting the facts

Ross MacRae  |  22 November 2013

The mantra of the undecided voter in the independence referendum is ‘I want the facts.’  People are naturally distrustful of politicians and governments who clearly have an obvious agenda. Right from the beginning of the referendum campaign, when you talk to people on the doorstep or on the street they want an impartial body to …

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A mixed outlook

Stephen Beer  |  14 November 2013

Any concerns that the economic growth we saw in the summer would not last more than a couple of quarters have been dispelled by recent data. Private sector surveys in October – the purchasing manager indices – point to a further increase in economic activity. The PMI for the services sector, which makes up most …

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