‘Save Aleppo, save Aleppo, save Aleppo’

Abdiwali Duale  |  16 December 2016

‘Save Aleppo, save Aleppo, save Aleppo’, were the words being chanted, as hundreds of people gathered – myself included – in front of 10 Downing Street in the mildly foggy weather. As small drops of rain trickled down from the sky, one of the guest speakers compared it to the way in which chemical poisons would trickle …

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Turkey, Iraq and the possibility of ‘regional war’

Ibrahim Dogus  |  13 October 2016

Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi has said that Turkey’s decision to maintain its troop presence in Iraq could lead to a ‘regional war’. Al-Abadi alluded to military confrontation with Turkey, as well as Turkey’s activities in neighbouring Syria. These comments should not be taken too seriously. They are likely aimed at a domestic Iraqi audience. …

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The Kurdistan no-fly zone: 25 years on

Gary Kent  |  5 April 2016

Today I suggest we praise a prime minister from the 1990s. No, not Tony Blair but John Major. You may think I am referring to his pioneering work on the peace process in Northern Ireland but I want to highlight a neglected position – the brave and far-reaching decision to establish a no-fly zone over …

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Building a constructive relationship with Iran

Gareth Thomas MP  |  20 November 2014

The 24 November deadline for reaching a comprehensive and unified deal that limits Iran’s nuclear programme is now less than a week away. Scepticism about Iran’s motives and intentions for these negotiations is hardly surprising given its links to terrorist organisations, the routine failure of its politicians to recognise Israel’s right to exist, its support …

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The challenge for the Israeli peace camp

Toby Greene  |  15 July 2014

The Israeli peace movement had a major relaunch last week. What, you didn’t hear about it? It was a big deal. Slick media campaign led by Haaretz; a couple of thousand delegates in a Tel Aviv hotel; cabinet ministers on the programme; even a message from Barack Obama. I am not making this up. It …

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The Russia dilemma

Kirsty McNeill and Andrew Small  |  21 March 2014

Britain’s political class did not distinguish itself in its immediate response to the Crimean crisis. A zoom lens outside Downing Street which captured Cabinet Office papers in the hands of an unguarded official seemed to reveal yet more evidence that the protection of the City trumps any other strategic instincts for this government. Labour, meanwhile, …

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Keep the conversation going

Bob Glaberson  |  28 February 2014

Negotiations to create a permanent agreement on Iran’s nuclear program began on 18 February between Iran and the UN security council nations, the United States, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany (the 5+1). The 5+1 will have a number of tough nuts to crack. These include the existence of an underground enrichment facility at Fordo …

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Tackling Iran’s culture of violence

Tahirih Danesh  |  22 January 2014

The Islamic Republic of Iran was born out of a revolution, hallmarked by random acts of violence justified in the name of religion, as a means to access independence, human rights and freedom. Soon after its victory on 10 February 1979, nascent institutions began to promote an ever-expanding policy of arrests, torture and execution, resting …

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The Kurdish renaissance

Gary Kent  |  21 August 2013

Twenty-two years ago, many thousands of Iraqi Kurds fled to the mountains to escape the wrath of Saddam Hussein. Some of the stories of survival take your breath away. One father and his two daughters climbed a high mountain where their dilemma was simple: stay and freeze or return and die. The only way out …

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Exploring the unknown

Bob Glaberson  |  22 April 2013

The most recent talks between Iran and five permanent members of the UN Security Council, Britain, France, Russia, China and the United States plus Germany, over Iran’s nuclear programme took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 5 April and ended a day later without agreement and no date set for further discussions. Iran is a signatory …

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