Labour’s 100 year commitment

Ian Austin  |  2 November 2017

Labour’s historical support for the state of Israel predates the Balfour declaration, writes Ian Austin This week sees the centenary of the Balfour declaration, in which Britain pledged to support the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. As we celebrate this anniversary and take pride in Labour’s historic support for it, we should we …

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Margaret Thatcher: The Honorary Jew

Jeremy Newmark  |  18 September 2017

Why it took non-Jewish Labour activist – Robert Philpot – to understand the former prime minister’s relationship with British Jewry is of interest to Jeremy Newmark As Labour’s 2017 parliamentary candidate in Finchley and Golders Green, I learned it is a constituency which attracts disproportionate media attention. Robert Philpot’s remarkably well-researched survey of Margaret Thatcher’s …

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The Israeli Macron?

Jennifer Gerber  |  17 July 2017

He has only been a member of the Israeli Labor party for seven months, but last week Avi Gabbay was elected its leader. Jennifer Gerber explains his meteoric rise on the centre-left Avi Gabbay, a political outsider, was elected leader of the Israeli Labor party on Monday. His upset victory – in the second round …

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A fund for Israeli-Palestinian peace

Joan Ryan MP  |  18 January 2017

We need an international fund to bring a lasting peace to both sides of the Green Line, writes Labour Friends of Israel chair Joan Ryan MP The fact that neither Israeli nor Palestinian representatives were present at last weekend’s Paris peace conference tells you everything you need to know about the flawed approach of the international …

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For Israel, for Palestine, for peace

Jennifer Gerber  |  26 October 2016

As Britain found in Northern Ireland, broad popular support is an essential underpinning for any successful peace process. Over the two decades since the signing of the Oslo Accords, an extensive and growing network of NGOs has worked at a grassroots level to foster the values of coexistence, peace and reconciliation between the Israeli and …

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Antisemitism cannot go unchallenged

Joan Ryan MP  |  4 March 2016

Free speech and robust debate have long been at the heart of Britain’s universities. Whether it be on campus or in the classroom, nobody should go to university and not expect to hear the beliefs and ideas they have grown up with challenged, tested and possibly ridiculed. That is all part of the experience of being …

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Lasting peace has to be built on the twin pillars of coexistence

Joan Ryan MP  |  15 October 2015

The terrorist attacks which have occurred over the past two weeks in Israel have been truly shocking. To take just three examples of these senseless acts of violence: yesterday a 70-year-old woman was stabbed while sitting on a bus in central Jerusalem. Days earlier, a child was stabbed while riding his bicycle. Last week, a …

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The British left needs to be a bridge between progressives

Jennifer Gerber  |  19 March 2015

In its early days, many people on the British left offered the young, embattled state of Israel their staunch support: Harold Wilson, Ian Mikado, Barbara Castle, Richard Crossman and Eric Heffer were all early supporters of Labour Freiends of Israel. That support stemmed not simply from strongly held beliefs in the Jewish people’s right to …

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The Israeli election: Breaking down the numbers

Andrew Gilbert  |  18 March 2015

On the face of it one might argue it is just different: a national list system. You vote for a party, and there are 120 seats in the Knesset, so the governing party needs to have a coalition of over 60 seats. At no time has one party got 60 votes, so there is always …

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Britain can prevent another war in Gaza

Andrew Dismore  |  27 February 2015

Last summer’s war in Gaza caused a great deal of division as passions ran high about both Hamas’ rocket bombardment against Israel and the nature of Israel’s response. I was pleased, therefore, to see Labour Friends of Israel this week launch a new campaign with an aim which I hope will unite rather than divide: …

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