Jack Straw

Self-deprecating but ready to settle scores

Richard Briand  |  22 October 2012

Jack Straw, Last Man Standing: Memoirs of a Political Survivor, Macmillan, £20 In one moment in this book, Jack Straw recounts how he told the cabinet that meeting Tim Berners-Lee was like meeting the man who invented the wheel, only for Ed Miliband to reduce those around the table to hysterics by asking ‘And what …

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Back to the 1970s?

Luke Akehurst  |  22 February 2012

Oh dear. If Jack Straw’s call for the abolition of the European parliament was intended to be provocative, it has provoked me. The European parliament may be very imperfect, but it is the only bit of the EU ordinary voters get to have any input into or any representative voice in. Jack says the turnout …

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Putting the politics into policing

Rick Muir  |  6 July 2011

With elections less than a year away, Labour needs to take elected police commissioners seriously

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‘Big society’: Have the Tories stolen Labour’s idea?

Ash McGregor  |  31 May 2011

Prior to David Cameron's fourth launch of the ‘big society' in 12 months, and hot on the heels of Ed Miliband's Progress speech which highlighted the need for ‘strengthened communities', we took a timely look at Red Toryism, Blue Labour and their political influence.

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PMQs are back

Melanie Smallman  |  8 September 2010

Melanie Smallman gives her wry take on today's PMQs, noting Nick Clegg's enthusiasm for discussing Chinese lanterns over questions from Labour MPs about phone hacking.

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