Jacqui Smith

Old hands, new faces

Progress  |  1 March 2012

We have a great line-up of commentary, opinion and analysis from our weekly columnists on ProgressOnline for 2012. MONDAY Start the week with former home secretary Jacqui Smith’s ‘Monday politics’ and political consultant David Talbot’s preview of ‘The week ahead’. TUESDAY Progress member Stephen Bush presents his ‘Tuesday review’. WEDNESDAY Hackney councillor and NEC member …

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Tories struggling on immigration

Jacqui Smith  |  27 February 2012

The Tories are more trusted on the issue of immigration than Labour. But then it’s so much easier to be tough on our borders in opposition. Last week the complicated reality of getting immigration right began to severely tarnish the Tories’ reputation. Home secretary Theresa May had to report to parliament on the summer’s border …

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NHS reform safe in Labour hands

Jacqui Smith  |  20 February 2012

In the 2001 general election, the majority in my Redditch seat was cut from over 6000 to under 3000 and my good friend and parliamentary neighbour David Lock lost his Wyre Forest seat to an Independent Save Kidderminster Hospital campaigner. The downgrading of Kidderminster hospital was undoubtedly a defining issue for me and David in …

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Giving victims a voice

Jacqui Smith  |  24 November 2011

The coalition should appoint a new victims’ commissioner without delay Louise Casey did an excellent job as the first victims and witnesses commissioner – a Labour government innovation. However, more than a month since her resignation, the coalition are still considering whether there is a future for the role at all. They should get on …

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A progressive plan for justice?

Giselle Cory  |  14 November 2011

Victims are sidelined in the criminal justice system. This is perhaps the most unfortunate failing of our justice system – and yet the easiest to fix. The view that victims should sit at the heart of any criminal justice reform is shared by Jenny Chapman MP and Jacqui Smith, the co-authors of the Purple Book …

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Labour modernisers call for fresh policies in The Purple Book

Progress  |  15 September 2011

A universal childcare service, new rights for victims of crime and parents with children in failing schools, directly elected mayors for England’s big cities, and ‘Hasbos’ to tackle antisocial neighbours are among the proposals set out by a group of Labour modernisers in a new collection of essays published today. The authors of The Purple …

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The ‘i’ word

Jacqui Smith  |  6 September 2011

It is part of the ‘story’ of the last government that Labour got it wrong on immigration. To address the issue in future, we need to separate myth from fact and develop a new ‘something-for-something’ deal, writes Jacqui Smith ‘What I’m really cross about is that my son has just come back from working in …

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Progress News

  |  28 June 2011

All the latest from Progress and its members

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How To Use Politicians To Get What You Want

Paul Richards  |  12 May 2011

There are plenty of good books on lobbying. Labour's Alf Dubs wrote Lobbying: An Insider's Guide to the Parliamentary Process in 1988. Lionel Zetter came up with Lobbying: The Art of Political Persuasion a decade later.

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Big Brother Watch: The state of civil liberties in modern Britain

Jacqui Smith  |  28 March 2011

A ‘whirlwind tour of the live issues in the liberty and privacy spheres' is how its editor describes this book, and on that he is certainly right. With 29 contributors, it would have been good to have had more than three ‘sisters' taking part in Big Brother Watch.

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