Uncertainty: a major concern for investment

Albert Owen MP  |  9 September 2016

The strongly worded message from the Japanese government to the United Kingdom and European Union on Brexit was both predictable and concerning. During the referendum campaign many Japanese companies warned of the uncertainty that a ‘Leave’ result would cause and also that it would mean a reassessment of future investment plans in both the UK …

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Protecting Japan investment’s ‘second home’

Phil Wilson MP  |  7 September 2016

Japanese investment in the United Kingdom is important. Half of all Japanese investment to the European Union comes to this country, much of it to the north-east of England. The Japanese ambassador has called the region the ‘second home’ of Japanese investment. 6,700 direct jobs have been created at Nissan’s car manufacturing plant in Washington. …

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The Last Word … Welcome to Paradise

Jamie Reed MP  |  23 October 2015

It was an extraordinary sight this week to see Tory members of parliament rightly decrying George Osborne and David Cameron’s cuts to tax credits that is going to take an average of £1,300 away from approximately 3 million working families in Britain. Extraordinary because having shed their crocodile tears for the benefit of that all-important …

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Letter from … Tokyo

Andrew Stevens  |  14 October 2015

After his historic December 2012 return to power and the subsequent ‘snap’ election two years later, last week Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe reshuffled his cabinet, but only after inking the contentious Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, the scope of which makes 1994’s Nafta look like a town twinning. We can perhaps forgive Abe, of the country’s …

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Light on evidence, heavy on emotion

Petros Fassoulas  |  13 August 2013

Many Eurosceptics have a somewhat relaxed attitude towards the facts. Which probably explains why they were not happy with the way the government’s review of the balance of competences between the UK and the European Union has been conducted so far. Revelations by Philip Stephens of the Financial Times that some Conservative Eurosceptic ministers complained …

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It’s not the economy, stupid

Dan McCurry  |  15 February 2012

Over the last year, each of the movements in the polls had nothing to do with the economy. The first was Libya, the second was the phantom Veto, and the third was Ken Livingstone’s surge from the Fare’s Fair policy. None was related to economic matters. I said this at the recent Progress event: ‘How …

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America – the indispensable nation

John Spellar MP  |  7 February 2012

Through my work in the unions I have known Denis MacShane for over 30 years – he is well informed, with an erudite, although possibly Eurocentric, view of the world. That is why I was not surprised by his recent assertion that the election for the French presidency mattered more to the UK than the …

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It’s the 1970s, stupid

Denis MacShane MP  |  29 November 2011

As ‘Double-Dip’ George prepares for his U-turn and, in the words of Mary Riddell, announces a splurge of spending, there is an uncanny sense that we are reliving the 1970s. After the 25 years of mixed economy, state-owned, welfare state society that was put in place in 1945, the 1970s was an era of transition …

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100 hours later

Josh MacAlister  |  19 September 2011

As a teacher, I’m sick of the regular holiday jokes: ‘What, you mean you have to work 70 hours weeks?  That must be hard with 13 weeks of holiday!’ Before I started teaching I didn’t realise how genuinely exhausting it can be and the holidays are needed as a way of recharging batteries and staying …

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Defeat by plebiscite for Berlusconi

Lazzaro Pietragnoli  |  14 June 2011

It is no wind of change yet, but a new fresh breeze has started blowing across the Italian political landscape, and the end of Silvio Berlusconi is no longer a pipedream.

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