Jean-Marie Le Pen

Letter From … Paris

Felicity Slater  |  7 February 2017

Leftwinger Benoît Hamon surprises pundits to win French Socialist candidacy, writes Felicity Slater In another surprise to the commentariat, but confirmation disloyalty is more valued than solutions on the left, Benoît Hamon has beaten outgoing prime minister Manuel Valls in the race to become the Socialist party’s candidate for the French presidency. Hamon sits on …

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The 10 myths of Europe

Denis MacShane MP  |  13 August 2012

As Olympic gold fever dies down, normal political life will be resumed. One of the big debates in the next period will be whether Britain should adopt the prejudices of the Daily Mail, Sun and Daily Telegraph and move to the exit door of the EU. David Cameron’s repatriation and referendum politics is certainly seen …

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Not quite right

Felicity Slater  |  1 May 2012

Following such a turbulent week in British politics, it is easy to forget that Europe’s most significant election this year is ongoing. The French political scene has been hit by its own dose of scandal this weekend as the Sarkozy and Hollande battle nears its end, at the midpoint of the two rounds of voting. …

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Will Hollande make it?

Renaud Thillaye  |  20 April 2012

France is going to the polls on Sunday. Despite widespread criticism of poor programmes and dull speeches, the campaign has had some interesting developments in the last few weeks. The lead of François Hollande has remained largely uncontested, but the conditions of his much-awaited victory have slightly changed, essentially due to the surge of Jean-Luc …

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Who will be next president of France?

Denis MacShane MP  |  3 January 2012

Who will be the next president of France? The election over two Sundays in April and May this year will decide the future not just of France but of Europe. The French president remains the most powerful chief of any democratic state if he also commands a majority in the National Assembly. While Ms Merkel …

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True colours

Felicity Slater  |  11 August 2011

In just a few hours, Anders Behring Breivik became one of the most notorious faces of contemporary far-right extremism. While this terrorism served as a platform for his ideas and highlighted their potent reality, it has equally forced far-right parties to position themselves following the tragedy and revulsion that Breivik incited. France’s National Front, which …

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Anti-Sarkozy, but pro- who?

Felicity Slater  |  9 November 2010

Anti-Sarkoyzism remains strong, despite opposition to pensions reform now tapering out. But this will not necessarily translate into support for the Socialists, so the party will have to choose its 2012 presidential candidate carefully...

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