Jim Murphy

Murphy is essential to a Miliband majority

John McTernan  |  30 October 2014

Sir Walter Scott asked: ‘Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,/ ‘Who never to himself hath said’, / ‘This is my own, my native land! / ‘Whose heart hath ne’er within him burned,/ ‘As home his footsteps he hath turned,/ ‘From wandering on a foreign strand!’ Now we know Jim Murphy’s answer. He has …

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Scotland is Labour still

John McTernan  |  3 October 2014

There’s a rather odd analysis around that Labour is acing a wipeout in Scotland at the next general election. It is primarily based on the observation that a majority of people in both Glasgow and Dundee voted Yes in the referendum. And extrapolates that into a conversion to the Scottish National party, then conflates it …

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Five things we learned during the referendum

John McTernan  |  19 September 2014

Five things we learned during the independence referendum 1. People are interested in politics When a notoriously unpleasant Hollywood producer died thousands of people turned out for his funeral. Quizzed by a fellow mourner as to why someone so unpopular should attract such a crowd, one wit quipped: ‘Give the public what they want …’ …

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Carswell. Clacton. Cameron. Car-crash.

John McTernan  |  29 August 2014

Time for one of my periodic pieces on reasons to be cheerful: 1. Alan Milburn. Julia Gillard used to joke with me that we were the two remaining Milburnites left in the world. It wasn’t entirely accurate, but perhaps at the time we were the only two ‘out’ Milburnites. There were and there are others, …

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Books for the beach

The Progressive  |  23 July 2014

What Labour MPs should be reading this summer Along with their selections for Desert Island Discs, politicians’ declared choices of holiday reading are usually concocted to curry favour with the voters. Margaret Thatcher once claimed her choice of poolside reading was ‘the latest Jeffrey Archer’, when in reality it was more likely to be Friedrich …

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Human rights at the heart of the World Cup

Jim Murphy MP  |  10 June 2014

There’s always a ‘story’ of the World Cup. Before the football starts, when everyone wants to talk about the tournament but no one has kicked a ball, there is always something that we all focus on. In South Africa it was security. In Brazil there have been the concerns over the stadiums and the favelas, …

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The power of development

Jim Murphy MP  |  8 April 2014

The Department for International Development holds a special place in the heart of the Labour party. After all, we set it up, we made it a world leader, and we brought about real change – not least through the 2005 Gleneagles Agreement to drop the debt and take steps to make poverty history. We are …

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Rethinking counter-terrorism: drones and targeted killings

Richard Howitt MEP  |  24 February 2014

Malala Yousafzai recently told Barack Obama that drone attacks are fuelling terrorism in Pakistan. There are few people more opposed to the Taliban than Malala. They tried to deny her an education, and then they tried to take her life. So when she says drone strikes are making things worse, we should listen. We should …

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The hidden hurt of the middle class

Jim Murphy MP  |  25 September 2013

We are right to make an appeal that understands the hidden hurt of the middle class, says Jim Murphy MP As delegates leave Labour party conference in Brighton today they do so excited about concrete policy they can take to the doorstep. As the country mulls over Ed’s speech they do so knowing there is …

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Time to lead and explain

Jonathan Todd  |  20 May 2013

What we can learn from the era of the ‘Geddes Axe’ At the 1922 general election the Labour party more than doubled its representation, rising from 57 to 142 seats. This election was fought soon after the ‘Geddes Axe’ was wielded, which slashed public expenditure in an effort to restore the pre-first world war parity …

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