Jim Murphy

Lucky Jim

The Insider  |  3 April 2013

Of all the members of the shadow cabinet, Jim Murphy may be emerging as one of the most interesting. Regarded, unfairly, as a Blairite pur sang, Murphy has adapted to the leadership of Ed Miliband with a mixture of impeccable loyalty and a streak of independent thinking: willing to accept cuts to his department, firm …

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Elite opinion and public scepticism

Greg Falconer  |  21 February 2013

When it comes to foreign policy, the British public and the three main parties do not currently see eye-to-eye. Two recent polls, on military intervention and Europe respectively, suggest an ominous divergence between the mainstream political elite and the electorate on key issues. In a week when the coalition sent a small UK force on …

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A new model of ‘preventative intervention’

Luke Akehurst  |  20 February 2013

Ed’s speech about the 10p tax rate meant that there was not a lot of coverage of Jim Murphy’s important speech on ‘preventative intervention’ last week. That’s a shame as Jim’s speech deserved more attention and was a characteristically thoughtful contribution to debate about one of the most controversial aspects of the Blair years, the …

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Optimism is not enough

Alex White  |  13 July 2012

When Tyrell Burgess, academic and innovative educational thinker, was asked to write a Labour party pamphlet on education he found himself ‘depressed about the lack of real planning … I could only bring myself to say no more than we would “make a start”’. That was his own admission from an essay published in 1968 …

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A budget to kill for

The Progressive  |  15 March 2012

Is Labour prepared for another highly political budget from George Osborne? One day above all reminds us who is in power, and who is in opposition, and that is budget day. On 21 March George Osborne will deliver his budget against a backdrop of rising borrowing, falling public investment, mounting unemployment and turmoil across the …

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The week ahead

David Talbot  |  6 February 2012

The demise of a secretary of state always adds a spark to the tinder wood that is the House of Commons. Sadly, those wishing to see the amusingly-named Ed Davey feel the heat as the new energy and climate change secretary will have to wait: his first questions session is on 8 March. Nonetheless, the …

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The battle for Miliband’s soul

The Insider  |  2 February 2012

A battle is being waged by the thinkers of Labour’s soft left. The likes of Neal Lawson, John Harris, David Clark, Polly Toynbee and Jackie Ashley, who provided the dissenting spur and ideological passion behind Ed Miliband’s leadership bid, fear they may be losing the ear of the leadership. When you read of calls for …

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Now for public services, Ed

Robert Philpot  |  13 January 2012

After a shaky start to the new year, Ed Miliband’s speech this week served not only to steady the ship but introduce a welcome injection of reality into Labour’s internal economic debate. Perhaps most importantly, he began to grapple with the fundamental issue that will be facing the party over the next decade: what is …

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The end of the beginning?

Luke Akehurst  |  11 January 2012

Well that was a rubbish week, wasn’t it? We Labour activists seem to have had quite a few rubbish weeks since 2005. This one struck particularly close to home as two of the star players contributing to Labour’s woes were fellow members of the Hackney Labour party Diane Abbott and Lord Glasman, and the medium …

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Responsibility and reform in defence

Jim Murphy MP  |  6 January 2012

When it comes to defence policy populism can be seductive but it is relentlessly superficial. Popularity can be enduring, but it must be based upon credibility. That is a lesson the Government ignores. In Opposition the Tories promised more helicopters for Afghanistan than the then Labour government but in power delivered just half the number …

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